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The Challenge

The Avanti Cigar Company needed to update their branding to reintroduce Avanti and Parodi Cigars to a newer audience without alienating current customers.

Avanti Cigar and Parodi, the two flagship brands of the Avanti Cigar Company, were losing significant market share to younger brands due to a 30 year gap in marketing efforts and an aging customer base. Avanti and Parodi were also utilizing outdated messaging and lacked brand standards to ensure quality and consistency. This resulted in a stale, unorganized brand that was unappealing to younger consumers.

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The Solution

After honing the target demographic for the brands, Zen Agency successfully modernized the look and feel of both Avanti and Parodi. We created focused messaging with campaigns and headlines, and also updated the brand standards to attract new customers. Utilizing these new standards, we developed engaging advertising and sales pieces that gave the company the ability to penetrate a greater portion of the market.

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    Avanti Cigar Company

  • DATE:

    July 28, 2015


    Re-brand, Design, eCommerce Website Development


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