Dental Practice Web Design and Marketing

Grow Your Practice

In this economy, businesses need a measurable return on every dollar spent and dental practices are no different in this regard. 

According to Dental Economics the most successful dental practices are laser focused on achieving the following metrics to grow their practices:

Active Patients per Dentist
Active patients are ones you’ve  seen in the last 18 months

New Patient Growth Annually
For a mature practice and significantly more for a new one

Daily Revenue per Dentist
This equates to $900k+ in revenue per year

Investment of Revenue into advertising
Which equates to $31k+ in advertising per dentist per year

What are you doing to hit these metrics? Zen has a proven strategy to ensure the growth of your practice!

Dental Marketing Success

Results speak louder than words. Take a look at the positive impact we’ve had with one of our recent dental clients…

Increase in leads per month

Decrease in cost per lead

Increase in conversion rate

Increase in organic traffic

Increase in site speed

Decrease in bounce rate

Get these results for your practice!

How Do We Do It?

A holistic, all cost included, approach to grow your dental practice

We provide an all encompassing solution that starts with an attractive website, optimized for performance, conversions, and mobile users. We then pair this with a digital campaign that targets general dentistry terms (i.e. Dentist Near Me, and Emergency Dental), but more importantly elective procedures that are high ticket, very profitable, and don’t require insurance, paperwork, or waiting and hoping for your money to arrive.

These campaigns are continually monitored, analyzed, and modified so that we generate the highest quality leads for your practice. As one campaign is optimized, we glean from the results, and expand our efforts into the next through an omnichannel marketing mix.

Our Process

Our relationship will start once we have agreed upon our quarterly goals which will be defined by the total number of leads that we will generate for you over one quarter. 

Once our goals are agreed upon, we will have a kickoff meeting with your team, and immediately thereafter begin the process of building out your site and your AdWords campaign, both of which will be ready to launch within a 30 day period of time. 

Every month we will have a status call, where we will review progress to date, any feedback we may need from you, and also a detailed report of goals to date. 

Once we reach the end of the quarter, we will have a call with the project team to review our success through the campaign, and reset goals for the upcoming quarter, and the process will repeat. 

During the quarterly call we will also discuss any new services we may want to highlight and generate leads for, as well as any potential channels we may be opening up to drive more leads.

Zero Risk Engagement

This is a true partnership with aligned interests. We are putting our money where our mouth is. Based upon your agreed upon goals, we will  invest the time and expertise of our team, as well as third party advertising fees, to grow your business, and you don’t pay a thing until we hit the goal. 

Before our relationship begins, we will work together to define performance goals and timelines, and the compensation for the goals. Once we have an agreement, we’ll get to work driving new business to grow your practice and find success together.