English as a second language made easier.

Logo Design

Company Overview

Academy6 is an online learning management system that empowers Chinese students to study the English language at their own pace, from anywhere. With the guiding principle to revolutionize language training and break down cultural boundaries, Academy6 aims to help learners gain the confidence they need to communicate more effectively.

Overcoming Communication Barriers

Academy6 needed a company name, branding, logo, style guide, and organization structure for their custom learning management system.
Brand Creation
As a new option for online learning, Academy6 needed a clean and modern brand, an attractive color scheme, and a logo that would be easily recognizable to students. 
UX Design

With three stages of learning for students, Academy6 required a system to communicate these options graphically so that non-English speaking students could navigate the site with ease.
Graphic and Web Styling
Zen Agency needed to ensure that the student-facing interface on the website was easy to navigate and welcoming to non-English speakers while incorporating the Academy6 branding and color scheme.

Branding, Iconography & Design

Branding and Graphic Styling
Zen Agency crafted a branding strategy that would be fully inclusive for both English and non-English speaking students to ensure the learning process is accessible as possible. This strategy included a new logo and color scheme to be used in conjunction web styling created for a superior user experience.

Academy6 offers 3 stages of learning: Reading, Speaking and Writing. To make it as easy as possible for non-fluent English speaking students to identify these stages, the company required a custom iconography system in-line with the brand created by Zen.

What We Did

  • Brand Alignment

  • Graphic Design

  • Logo Creation

  • Website Styling

  • UX Design

  • Iconography System

Designed for clear communication.

Icon Design
Graphic Design
Graphic Design
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