Olympic Pools takes a dip into commercial pool refinishing.

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Company Overview

Olympic Pools had entered into a new venture, originally called “Olympic Concrete Pool Resurfacing, LLC.” This new company is focused on resurfacing swimming pools made of concrete, fiberglass, and steel with a durable and attractive material.

Olympic Pools is one the leading providers of in-ground and above-ground pool installation in Northeastern, Pennsylvania, helping homeowners and business owners turn their dreams of having an oasis into reality.

Diving into a New Business

With their sights set on corporate clients, Olympic Pools needed an identity, branding, and collateral for their new pool refinishing business.

Corporate Identity 
Olympic Pool’s new, corporate-focussed business required an identity that would complement the company’s current branding. This identity would need to relate the corporate nature of their clientele, as well as the strength, durability and aesthetic appeal of their refinishing materials.
Logo Creation

Zen Agency needed to design a logo that would appeal to the target market, corporate clients interested in refinishing large commercial swimming pools with high-end materials.
Collateral Design
To help promote their company, Olympic Pools/Aquaduro needed marketing collateral showcasing the new brand and service offering.

Brand Identity & Graphic Design

Branding and Company Logo
Zen Agency performed market research to intelligently create the name Aquaduro for Olympic Pool's new corporate pool resurfacing business. We also designed a logo and a brand to be used across all of the company’s marketing materials, including print and web designs. 

Graphic and Web Design
With a modern, targeted brand, Zen Agency designed a user-friendly website that showcases the wide variety of refinishing options offered by Aquaduro. We also created additional marketing materials including branded stationery and T-Shirt designs.

What We Did

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • Logo Design

  • Market Research

  • Copywriting

  • Print Design

  • Brand Standards

Commercial pools are about to resurface.

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