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Avanti Cigar

The best cigars made in America just got even better.

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Company Overview

Since 1901, Avanti Cigar has been the leading manufacturer of Italian-style cigars in the United States, offering a variety of brands featuring hand-picked, fire-cured tobacco. Steeped in history and tradition, the company's flagship brands are Parodi, Avanti, and DeNobili cigars. Previously sold only in the U.S., Avanti Cigar Co. currently offers its products to customers all over the world, with its corporate headquarters now located in Rome, Italy.

Challenges Lead to Solutions

Dated brand, stagnant market share, and stringent new FDA regulations made it a necessity for Avanti Cigar to reevaluate their current offerings. So they came to us.

Brand Refresh

Zen Agency revitalized Avanti Cigar's two most popular brands by modernizing their messaging, imagery, and retail packaging. In addition, Zen refreshed Avanti's corporate presence to introduce their history of quality and tradition to a new audience.

Utilizing the updated branding, Zen Agency created targeted campaigns for a variety of advertising channels including trade materials, magazine ads for leading industry publications, POP/POS retail advertising, and social media.
FDA Compliant Packaging
Zen Agency worked in tandem with Avanti's legal team to ensure all packaging and advertising is compliant with the new, stringent FDA regulations for cigar manufacturers. This included completely new packaging designs for 7 SKUs.

Custom Packaging Designs & Target Marketing

Targeted Customer Base
With a current, predominantly male customer base over the age of 50, Zen Agency utilized the new branding to reintroduce Avanti to the younger generation and middle-class working people. With relevant messaging and imagery, Zen Agency refreshed their outdated company image by creating marketing collateral and new packaging that mirrors the tone, wit, and streamlined aesthetic that appeals to the modern man.

New Packaging
Zen Agency created new and modern packaging for Parodi Cigars to position the brand in the modern cigar market. The focus of the packaging is to communicate the benefits and quality to their new demographic clearly. Colors and imagery convey a masculine smoking experience to attract and engage the desired customer. Clean and simple typography ensures clear communication and maximum readability.

What We Did

  • Branding

  • Design

  • Marketing

  • Packaging Design

  • Advertising

  • Photography

The new chapter for an American icon.


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