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"I am so pleased with the work Zen Design Firm did for our new fitness website. The finished product exceeded my expectations and they were a pleasure to work with! I recommend them very highly!!"

Jack Digwood PT


Company Overview

Elite Spine and Sports Physical Therapy is a sports conditioning, golf training, and physical therapy gym. They came to us for a new, modern look and feel that was visually engaging to its customer base.


Spine and Sports Website

Elite needed an easy to use, modern website that clearly and straightforwardly explained their services. Using images from a facility photoshoot and a clean layout, we created a site that was engaging and fun to use. Focusing on their main services, the site is well received by clients.

Spine and Sports Brochures

Elite, to accompany the new website, tasked us with making a series of 3 brochures to highlight their services. Keeping the same look and feel as the website, we made a General Physical Therapy, Pregnancy Back Pain, and Post Prostate brochures. These brochures became a cornerstone to the Elite staff when suggesting to clients what additional services they may want to consider to further their treatment.


Elite Custom Fitness Website

Elite wanted to brand off of their current physical therapy platform and offer a more rigorous fitness program to train their clients in strength training, team conditioning, and sports conditioning. Needing a fresh look, we designed and developed a sleek and edgy site that is image dominant. Using images from a second photo and video shoot, we conveyed the Elite experience. Bold headlines and solid calls to action we successfully made an inviting site to their new target audience, while keeping the current clients in mind. Custom messaging that stems from a new tagline BE ELITE, encourages viewers to be inspired for more and Elite is where to Be More. We are currently working on a brochure system for the Custom Fitness brand.

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