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The finest meats, poultry, and seafood, hand-cut and selected by our butchers with integrity.

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Company Overview

Main Entrée is not a new story, but instead a new chapter in the long history of passion for providing quality products at Schiff’s Food Service.

Schiff’s Food Service (SFS) has been well known in the restaurant supply industry for decades. In particular, they continue to be a leader as meat specialists, maintaining full control of their own USDA inspected meat-cutting facility. Their center of the plate specialists work hard to ensure the procurement of the highest quality meat and seafood available.

As a division of Schiff’s Food Service (SFS), Main Entrée delivers superior meats, poultry, and seafood hand-cut by expert butchers to customers across the U.S. Their gift packages are created to satisfy even the most discerning palates by giving buyers the flexibility to individualize every order.


Innovation for Quality Cuts

Main Entrée, a new extension of Schiff’s Food Service, needed a brand identity and E-commerce website for their high-quality meat delivery service.  

Brand Creation
It was imperative for Main Entrée to establish a brand that is both relevant and memorable to successfully differentiate the company from the competition.
Identity System
Because of the nature of their offerings, they would also require an identity system to organize their product options while conveying a sense of sophistication and top-shelf flavor.
Website Design & Development
Main Entrée required a user-friendly E-commerce website with a fully customized ordering system tailored to meet their unique needs.

WooCommerce & Custom Orders

Branding & E-commerce

Branding & Identity
Zen Agency created a company name and an industry competitive brand that is graphically appealing to Main Entrée's target audience. This identity includes a full iconography system along with messaging that is both relevant and memorable.

To meet Main Entrée's E-commerce needs, Zen Agency developed a website powered by WooCommerce, with a fine-tuned ordering system that allows customers to select their own cuts based on personal taste. 

What We Did

  • Design Consultation

  • Branding / Identity System

  • Copywriting

  • Marketing Consultation

  • WooCommerce Website Development

  • WooCommerce Customizations

  • Build-Your-Own Box (BYOB) Custom Development

  • Site and Server Optimizations

See It In Action

Check out Main Entrée's Build-Your-Own Box functionality. The intuitive user interface allows customers to quickly and efficiently select products to create the perfect gift. Never before has a company in the industry provided this level of flexibility and convenience for their customers, which is why the Build-Your-Own Box has been such a tremendous success. 

Custom orders, a cut above the rest.

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