Online Pet Pharmacy PPC Case Study

Online Pet Pharmacy PPC Case Study

At A Glance

 California Pet Pharmacy is a fully licensed and accredited pet pharmacy specializing in pet health products. Based out of Hayward, California, the company routinely adds new products which are all FDA and EPA approved. The products carried are intended for use in the USA and ship prescription items to all 50 states in the United States.


  • E-commerce
  • B to B
  • B to C
  • Retail
  • Veterinarian

Our Role

  •  Google PPC
  •  Google Shopping
  •  Bing PPC ads
  •  Bing Shopping

Obstacles & Objectives

A main challenge from the start was dealing with major competition. Big box stores are competing with extremely high bidding, which sometimes makes smaller businesses completely unseen or noticed in the ad space.

Another challenge was the client’s previous agency closing and needing to move to a new team. Luckily, the Zen team could pick up right where they left off and take California Pet Pharmacy to new heights using some creative marketing strategy.

Yet another obstacle is the fact that historically many ads would become disapproved due to various pharmaceutical reasons. California Pet Pharmacy is a long-standing business that holds all required online digital pharmacy accreditations and certifications, so it had always been a frustrating experience for the company over the years to deal with disapproving ads.

Strategy & Solution

One of the first steps we took to drive success was getting tracking on Bing/ Microsoft Ads fully operational. As an e-commerce store, it was critical to know which products or keywords were generating conversions and revenue. We worked with the company to install and test the proper codes, which helped us know we were recording genuine data and used that to optimize our campaigns over time.

Another key piece of the strategy involved was generating a data feed with fully up-to-date data. Some fields such as availability were not being updated, leading to all products showing as “In Stock” and being served to Shopping campaigns on Google and Bing without regard to their actual current availability. This led to wasted clicks and frustrated customers who could not purchase what they saw in the ad. We created a new feed with all required information, which has helped performance and user experience while also keeping the number of disapprovals in the Google & Bing Merchant Centers to all-time minimums.

Perhaps most importantly to the strategy, using the data we had from proper tracking we were able to work with California Pet Pharmacy to determine the most successful items from our data to advertise more heavily based on their success. There were many items where Amazon and other competitors were spending a tremendous amount to dominate the advertising space, but by identifying the items where California Pet Pharmacy had a competitive advantage (such as price, more available in stock, etc) we were able to carve out a successful path for those items and saw strong sales, revenue and returns from them. This led to California Pet Pharmacy breaking many records for those metrics and having a very successful year.

Google PPC Results

Increased Conversion Rate


Increase in clicks


Increase in clicks


Increased Revenue


Increased Revenue


Increased Conversion Rate


Google Shopping Results

Bing Shopping Results

Increase Return On Ad Spend


Increased Revenue




Bing PPC Results