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Logo Design

Company Overview

Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc., based in Exeter, Pennsylvania, is the leading distributor and marketer of specialty automotive equipment and accessories in North America, serving the diverse interests and needs of auto enthusiasts and their installers across the US and Canada.

TrailFX is an exclusive brand of Keystone Automotive, which is a division of LKQ, a multi-billion dollar company in the automotive and recreational vehicle industry. Prior to the build of the website, the TrailFX brand was primarily sold through traditional automotive brick and mortar retailers, which limited the scope of its consumer market reach.

Geared Up for Efficiency

FX Products, an aftermarket parts maker for vehicle customization, needed to unify their four separate product lines under the FX brand. The goal of this project was to reach the greater market without cannibalizing the business of their retailers. This "clicks to bricks" approach would allow for direct delivery to anyone outside the reach of the local retailer but also allow for in-store pickup at 100's of retail locations for a breadth of product not held within the retailers' on-hand inventory.

Brand Alignment
The FX family of brands was inconsistent, which resulted in an unprofessional appearance for the company’s sub-brands. To communicate the company’s messaging across multiple sub-brands, the company needed an innovative solution that would improve the user experience on their website, resulting in a streamlined and efficient platform.
UX Design & Conversion Funnel Mapping
Zen Agency needed to model the user experience of each type of user at various entry points throughout the site and strategize how we can take the user from their current position within the site to the appropriate place within our conversion funnel.
Graphic Design & Web Development
To make a new organizational system effective, TrailFX needed to update its graphics styling to tie together the website with the company's other marketing materials.

Iconography & Web Development

Brand Consistency Through Iconography
Zen Agency created brand unification through a full identity system consisting of icons and alternate logos for their variety of product lines. We streamlined the current TrailFX brand and developed a new graphic styling for use in their marketing materials and website. The company’s new website is now highly organized and categorized to fulfill their new branding efforts.

Web Design and Development
Keystone has a team of extremely proficient back-end developers, and Zen Agency complemented them with our strengths in branding, UX design, information architecture, and front-end (HTML, CSS, JS) programming. Once the UX and conversion funnel was mapped out, each page and function of the site was designed and developed.

What We Did

  • Brand Alignment

  • Graphic Design

  • Front-end Web Development

  • Iconography Creation

  • UX Design

  • Information Architecture

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catalog design
catalog design

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