User Experience (UX) Design

Give your customers the experience they deserve.

A pretty website isn’t enough. You need a website that is built to satisfy the needs of your clients. At Zen Agency, we are dedicated to doing that.


What We Do Design interfaces to meet the needs of your users.

User experience design (UX) is focused on the people who actually use your website or product. The most successful websites meet the needs of their customers, while also providing an enjoyably smooth user experience. We take a holistic approach. We believe that great UX design is a continuous process that strives to crystallize the understanding of what your customers want, and delivers it to them in the cleanest and most efficient way possible. Our process is composed of four steps: research, user interface design, and implementation.


Before we embark on any project, we first conduct research on the needs of the average user. We need to identify what makes your customer tick, and how your website or product will align with their needs. Obtaining insight into the minds of your customers is a very important step.


This is where you’ll see your ideas in action. From a basic sketch to the use of wireframes, we give an idea of the overall functionality of the website. From there, we start constructing the user interface while also choosing the various visual elements that will be placed on the website.

User Testing

Complete user experience must pass through intentional and rigorous testing to check the viability of the website. Our style of user testing is an evaluative process that seeks to find any “pain points” in your website so that they can be fixed swiftly and efficiently.


In this step, we begin to strategically implement and launch your website to the public. Our digital marketing team will intelligently execute your campaign so that it runs smoothly and delivers robust results.

Our approach

We take a hands-on approach to UX design. We cover everything: from the incubation of your initial ideas, to the meticulous design of the site’s functionalities, to the very moment that you are ready to launch. Our goal is to completely satisfy the needs of your clients. Our painstaking process enables us to do just that.

User-centered design is the future, and we are at the forefront.

 We are devoted to delivering powerful web solutions to businesses like yours.

"We research, build, and optimize campaigns that maximize qualified lead delivery and conversion."

Kelly Franks, Marketing Director, Zen Agency

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