Your Reputation Counts People are talking about your firm. Make sure the talk is positive.

When you’re in court and need to win over the jury, you do it by presenting persuasive evidence that’s on your side. When you market your practice online and you need to win over potential clients, you do it by presenting social proof that highlights your reputation.

Before potential clients hire a lawyer, they make judgments based on the past experiences of other clients. They actively look for reviews and testimonials to see what the consensus is on your practice. By being able to represent your brand accurately, you give your market the information they need to make an informed decision.

A single bad review can be the roadblock between you and signing high-value clients. By taking a proactive role in managing your firm’s reputation, you put your marketing in the best position to be successful. It can take a long time to gain a new client. It can only take a few seconds to lose one when a client reads a negative review.

Online Reputation Management Keeps You in Good Standing with Potential Customers

  • Analyze your current reputation

    We check the current consensus of your firm by looking at your online reviews, your social media channels, and the online conversations people are having about your firm. At this stage, we aim to look at your firm from the perspective of a potential client.

  • Execute an actionable strategy

    You need honest, good reviews to improve your online reputation. At this stage, we accumulate reviews and testimonials from current and past clients, and we use effective SEO and social media strategies to ensure these reviews are easily found online.

  • Create a reliable system

    The more reviews you have, the more reputable you are online. After we begin working with you, we create a reliable system to gain real reviews from your new clients. By creating a dependable system to suppress and reduce poor reviews, while increasing and elevating the good ones, you will have the social proof you need to succeed online.

Why Choose Zen?

We help law firms dominate their competition by putting them in the best light possible with effective reputation management services. Although your firm may have been able to rely on face-to-face referrals in years past, the digital era has changed the game. Reputation is everything, and whether you have a poor reputation online, or if you have none at all, you must present your practice as the best and most trustworthy choice for potential clients.

Are you are ready to make your Law Firm's image squeaky clean?

We have the experience, knowledge, personnel, and tools to help your reputation glow online.

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