Make Your Brand Stand Out With Custom Logo Design Services 

A logo is so much more than a “logo”. To someone finding your business for the first time, it’s the visual introduction to your brand. Your logo must be memorable, attractive, and representative of everything your brand represents. You only get one first impression, so make it count with custom logo design services from Zen.

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Get the Perfect Logo

A good logo is the cornerstone of any brand. Choosing the right custom logo design company can be a daunting task. You need a company that can take what you do, who you serve, and why you do it the way you do and translate it into a logo that properly represents all of this. Your logo will be everywhere— on your website, social media accounts, presentation decks, marketing materials, and business cards. Your logo will directly influence someone’s first impression of your brand. The design must hit all the right notes.

Zen is a professional logo design company that will craft a logo that is not only beautiful but one that is totally aligned with your brand.

Our Logo Design Process

1. Discovery

After talking with you to determine your goals and ideas, we research the design standards of your industry. This initial process allows us to curate the very best design elements from established brands, discover how we can communicate your brand’s story through your logo, and use this information as a springboard for your logo project.

2. Sketching

Once we have ideated the initial concepts for your logo, our designers being sketching. We share these sketches with you, allowing us to narrow in on a single design. Through this stage, we continue to refine our mockups until you absolutely love the logo design concept.

3. Execute

Once we’ve narrowed in on a logo design, we take the concept sketches and begin creating the final logo. At this stage, we really focus on encompassing your brand through your logo. This requires us to use things like color, typography, and illustrations to evoke your brand’s core values.

4. Revision

Your logo is your baby, and that means you have the final say on its design. If there’s anything that you’re not happy with, our custom logo design agency will revise it until you are brimming with satisfaction.

5. Finalize

Once revisions are completed (if any were requested), we finalize the project and send the deliverables. Even though we are a professional logo design company, we have a number of different services we offer, including website design, graphic design, and digital marketing services. These services allow you to maximize the impact of your logo design, and these services can be added if you desire.

The Power of a New Logo

A new logo can breathe life into your brand. An attractive yet simple logo that will tell your story and represent you in style can dramatically raise the value and perception of your brand. Our creativity, attention to detail, and affinity for brilliant design will help your brand stand out like it never has before. 

What do you want someone to think of when they first find your brand? That’s the question we answer when we undertake your logo design project. We don’t merely design a logo; we transmute the essence of your brand to visual form. The result is a unique, focused visual representation of your business. 

With a new logo, you can showcase it front and center in all mediums. Use it on your website, business cards, print materials, and social media accounts. Having a logo you can display proudly, your business can reach and impact more customers. 

“Our highest priority is building trust through full transparency and delivering measurable results to grow your business.”

Kelly Franks,

COO – Zen Agency

Why Choose Our Custom Logo Design Services

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Satisfied Clients


As a trusted professional business logo design company, we are committed to client satisfaction. This is one reason we involve our clients so deeply in our logo design process. You’ll have access to our early design concepts and sketches. By providing feedback we can craft a logo that’s tailor-made for your vision. 

Our creativity is what separates us from any other logo design agency. Our minds are working 24/7 to raise the standard of logo design. When you work with Zen, you’re leveraging the brightest talent in the logo design industry. 

We handle each project with the utmost respect. From the moment you begin working with us, you’ll have a dedicated project manager who you’ll access to. We work quickly, but we never rush— giving your project deep attention to detail.


Every single stroke on the canvass is taken by masterful designers who have refined their skills over years of successful projects. You’re getting the best of the best in logo and graphic design. This allows us to translate your vision into something aesthetic, exciting, and memorable.


We do what say, and we do it when we say we do it. When working with Zen, you’ll never need to worry about unfulfilled promises, and us going back on our word. We’ll deliver your project punctually, and everything we deliver will stand up to the loftiest of standards.


Our logo design agency is filled with creative brains that eat, breathe, and sleep logo design. Our creativity is always at work, and this allows us to produce uncommon designs that rival and often surpass the greatest design standards in the industry.


We can take unrelated elements and harmonize them into a beautiful, timeless design. We’re able to translate everything your company represents into a logo that is completely aligned and in tune with the brand.


From the brainstorming and ideation phase to the finalization and delivery of the logo, you can count on us to rely on a proven process. Your project will work within our process, allowing us to create the very best logo for your company.

Custom Logo Design Services to Take Your Brand to The Next Level

If you’re ready to raise the intrinsic value of your brand, emotionally impact your clients like you never have before, and make an especially strong first impression on your customers, choose Zen’s custom logo design services.