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graphic design services
graphic design services

Zen Agency carefully crafts your company’s Identity to appeal specifically to your target market by creating custom color schemes, typefaces, image treatments, iconography and messaging to tell your company’s story via our professional graphic design services.

We ensure your custom logo and tagline visually communicate your brand message within seconds to connect with your target market efficiently and effectively.

"Effective branding communicates to your customers and relates to them on a personal level."

David Brodt, Creative Director , Zen Agency

How will you get your company branding noticed?

Zen Agency's branding and identity professionals are here to help you. Gain instant credibility through powerful branding that gives you the competitive edge you need to gain your customers' trust. To make your corporate branding a success, we establish a long-term vision and align it with your company messaging. Both small and large companies benefit from utilizing a tailored strategy successfully. Zen Agency graphic design services handles both branding and identity, which includes everything from logo creation to design and implementation.

The value of a company is measured in the strength of its brand. As a matter of fact, many large companies include their brand on their balance sheets. Your brand helps to position your company as an industry leader, giving you the platform you need to dominate your market.

graphic design services

Trusted by small businesses & international names.

When thinking about your company’s future, your identity is the backbone of your success. From the design of your logo, stationery and the advertisements you run in the local paper, to the look of your brochures and even the color of ink pens you use to sign for a package – all these things make up your identity.

Your identity is the face you put on your business for your customers to see. The basis for the design of all the pieces needs to be targeted and strategically positioned to your target audience and your ideal customer. When your identity is established, your customers build your brand. Your design, voice, and the emotional bond you create with your customers will also build this brand. Your customers will become long term, faithful supporters of your brand, generating the opportunities for your business to grow and prosper. Our professional graphic design services make it possible for you to build your brand successfully.

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Packaging Design


More than just a logo... full integration & implementation of your new brand.

Research & Planning

Maximize visibility with a strategically planned logo and brand, based on competitor and market research.

Brand Development

Utilizing our competitor and market research data, Zen Agency carefully crafts your brand essence.

Brand Standards

Next, our marketing specialists ensure your brand standards are upheld and your advertising goals are met. 


Custom Designed & Created for You

Creating a successful brand is extremely difficult. Without decades of experience and knowledge, the efforts of many companies' branding attempts are lost. You, as a business owner, need to run your business, while creating a quality service or superior product. Zen Agency, with decades of experience and a knowledgeable staff of specialists offering top-notch graphic design services will build, modify, and reinforce your identity to your target audience. A dedicated team of innovative and enthusiastic professionals, Zen Agency will create an identity that speaks to your clientele while igniting the fire that fuels your brand.

Ready to let Zen craft your brand and message with strength and cohesiveness?

You won't be disappointed.

Make a powerful, long-lasting impression with your print design.

Some say that the first impression is the best one. The way that you present your company will leave a lasting impression upon your clients. Design sparks a visual representation of who you are and what you do, while also communicating why and how you can solve a specific issue or help fulfill a need. Print marketing materials should leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of your prospects and customers. We do it all—whether it’s a small business card or a comprehensive marketing booklet or brochure. Our work aims to paint a decisive picture that best represents your company with exceptional graphic design services.

Clear, Seamless Design

Design is everything. It’s the difference between looking like a shoddy, poorly-run company and being perceived as a sophisticated, modernized business. This is why our designers will work with you to determine what you want to portray, and how we can deliver that perception to your prospects and customers. Now, more than ever, your brand’s image relies on having a clear, beautiful design that is unified across all of your marketing materials.

Highly Effective Copy

Great copy works in tandem with a stellar design. Great copy sets off emotional and psychological triggers that compel your prospects to complete an action, whatever it may be—to buy your product, attend an event, or spread the word about your business. The copy that we use for your marketing materials will help to push your prospects in the direction that you want them to go.

Planning & Execution

Our process can be condensed into two words: planning and execution. In the planning stage, our team will connect with you to uncover your mission and to determine how your design will accomplish it. From there, we begin the execution. Things like layout, color palettes, typography, and size will come into play. Our process is the same—whether it’s for a small business card or a full-blown catalogue. Everything that we do can be narrowed down into precisely planning the functionality and the look of your materials, and skillfully executing that vision.