Website Maintenance Services

Your website is the face of your business. With Zen Agency’s comprehensive solution for website maintenance and WordPress support, you can focus on running your business while we take care of the inner workings of your website’s performance and security.

Providing rock-solid site security, support, and website maintenance services gives you the protection you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Site Security, Support, & Maintenance

Zen Agency is an expert website maintenance company, providing you with rock-solid site security, support, and website maintenance services to give you the protection you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Sometimes your website will stumble. Our website maintenance services will pick your site back up. For example, a WordPress site can have many moving parts: themes, plugins, widgets, and customizations. When things suddenly stop working, it can be a major headache trying to fix the problem. If you’re not particularly tech-savvy, or you simply lack the time to work on these issues yourself, our WordPress maintenance service is the clear answer. 

Instead of tinkering with your website, you can hire a real, live team that can quickly handle any site issues you may have. 

Your website will be fast, healthy, functional, and secure. And best of all, you won’t need to touch a single part of your backend. If you no longer wish to worry about your website crashing or things not performing properly, our website maintenance service is the answer.


What Do Our Website Maintenance Services Accomplish?

Rock-Solid Security

As awesome as WordPress is, it will always be a target for security attacks, leaving you vulnerable if you don’t have the proper protection. We counteract these attacks with proven security measures so that your site stays up— despite the attacks that are common with WordPress and other website content management systems and platforms.

24/7 Maintenance

With around-the-clock maintenance, you’ll never need to worry about your site crashing or malfunctioning. We understand that downtime simply isn’t an option, so we have systems in place to quickly fix any issues as they arise.

Managed Hosting

Imagine having page load speeds faster than the blink of an eye, robust functionalities to maximize the power of your website, and a suite of different features that’ll make working with your website an absolute breeze. Our managed hosting services will fit your WordPress like a glove.

Top-Speed Performance

Fast loading times are non-negotiable for offering a stellar user experience. We’ll ensure that your site’s performance is operating at top capacity. This way, you’ll have a site that is always ready to meet the demands of your online customers and site visitors.

Secure Backups

Have total peace of mind knowing that your website is completely backed up— files, databases, and everything in between. We’ll back up your site to an offsite server. This can save your website in the event of an unplanned mistake, or security attack.

Regular Updates

WordPress updates are often neglected by webmasters, which can have big repercussions if there’s a security exploit in your current WordPress version. We’ll handle the updates for you, which will regularly upgrade your themes, plugins, and entire WordPress backend— saving you from security threats.

Expert Support

We’ll be available 24/7 if you have a question or special request. You’ll never know when something unexpected can happen, and it helps to have a team that’s always available to provide help when needed. Our experts will be ready to answer any support requests and swiftly take action.

Website Maintenance Services Save Time 

A CMS like WordPress is an incredibly robust platform with endless capabilities. But it is also quite time-consuming, and when something breaks, you can literally spend hours of your time trying to put it back together. If you’re a business or online operation, you likely just don’t have the time to sit at your desk and troubleshoot the problem. You also probably don’t have the expertise to fix it correctly the first time. This is where a website maintenance company can come in and save you loads of time and energy. 

Website owners must maximize their time in whatever way they see fit. Our website maintenance service will liberate you from actually spending time on something you probably don’t care about, and puts the responsibility in the hands of real experts who are always ready to help. 

When webmasters and business owners come to us, one of their biggest gripes is how their website just isn’t functioning properly. Or how their site isn’t loading fast enough. Or how there’s a new problem every other day. They’re very frustrated, lack the needed expertise to fix the problem, and really don’t have the time to sit down and learn how to fix the problem. We resolve all of this, giving you back your time and freedom and relieving the head-scratching responsibility of maintaining a website. When clients sign up with Zen, they’re ecstatic because they can dedicate more time to their business, and they know their website will work without any hiccups. That’s the advantage of our web maintenance services.

By signing up for Zen’s website maintenance service, you’re automatically saving yourself from frustration and becoming more efficient with your time.

Website Maintenance Services Make Your Site More Secure

If you own a website long enough, eventually you will be the target of some type of attack. Unfortunately, this is inevitable. The best thing you can do is strengthen your security so that your site is unphased by whatever security threat comes your way. At Zen, we focus on being proactive, not reactive. This means that we take great measures to protect against hacking and yet-to-come security. 

We also conduct thorough malware scanning to ensure your website hasn’t been attacked already. If there has been a malware attempt on your website, we’ll know immediately and will take quick action to remove it. 

Maximize Your Site’s Performance

A 1-second delay can lower sales by 16%. This is the importance of having a site that’s optimized to perform. Use our website maintenance services to reduce your loading time, boost your site’s overall performance, and make your customers happy with the user experience. Neglecting speed and performance will send potential customers to your competitor. You can avoid this by taking advantage of our affordable website maintenance packages.

Affordable Website Maintenance Plans

Our website maintenance plans are incredibly affordable. You’ll be able to optimize and secure your site for a very comfortable price. If you have questions about our affordable website maintenance plans or about our various website maintenance packages, don’t hesitate to contact us today.