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Content Crafted to Convert Prospects into Buyers

In today’s marketing environment, content is king. It’s the vehicle that delivers brand notoriety and targeted traffic to your business. There are almost countless ways you can market your business with content. But before you commit a single word to paper, you need intelligent content marketing services tailored to your business.

What Is Content Marketing?

The word “content” is an all-encompassing term that runs the gamut of blog posts, web page copy, videos, pictures, infographics, and more. Think of it as any messaging used to reach an audience. Content marketing services spread that content to drive traffic, generate interest, build your reputation, and create relationships. An email newsletter sent to your list would fit the definition of content marketing, as would a video posted on your company’s Facebook page.

Content’s Role in Digital Marketing

You have no web presence if you have no content. And if you intend to drive traffic to your website and grow your business, you’ll need to leverage your content to reach your intended market. If your content is at the heart of your entire marketing strategy, you need a content-creating and marketing team who can help you maximize your content to reach your goals.

Content Marketing Strategy

Just like you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, you shouldn’t create content with a strategy. When you create content, it should fit within a logical marketing scheme that will increase your exposure to your target market. Our content strategists are experienced at developing powerful plans of action that spread your content far and wide. Your content marketing strategy plays a role in how you generate traffic, create sales funnels, build your brand, and much more.

Content Creation Services

We are skilled content creators and marketers with a pulse on what audiences want. When you partner with Zen to build and market your content, you’re putting your best foot forward.

Blog Content Writing

Blog content can engage your audience, increase brand awareness, and generate links to your website. Whether you want long-form authoritative posts or visual content that tells a story, our content creators will establish you as a trustworthy brand in your marketplace. We work with the client to develop relevant topics, adhere to good practices for SEO, and create awesome content that the audience will devour. Once the blogs are posted, we monitor performance and we use data insights to help us create future blog posts.

Page Content

Your on-site copy plays a major role in how visitors interact with your website and how your website is ranked by Google. Our writers craft stellar web page and landing page copy that showcases your products and services while reinforcing SEO for targeted keywords.

eBooks & White Papers

Become an authoritative voice in your industry using white papers and ebooks. These long-form documents can also be used as reputation-builders in your industry and as a gateway for capturing customer contact info. Whitepapers are heavily researched documents that are filled with in-depth commentary and analysis. eBooks aren’t as text-heavy, but they still include actionable information for the reader. Whitepapers are text-heavy and are filled with in-depth analysis, while ebooks typically contain more visual elements like graphics and illustrations. Both can aid your content marketing services strategy.


With infographics, you hook your readers with powerful visual storytelling. Content writers, market researchers, and graphic designers collaborate to create captivating infographics that break down complex topics and spark reader interest. Easy-to-understand visual content should be a weapon in any content marketing arsenal. Our custom illustrations are designed around industry-relevant topics, and they include eye-catching graphics and clickable call-to-action.

Email Marketing

Your email list can be your most responsive audience. Deploying targeted email content that informs, entertains, and persuades your audience can be a game-changer for your content marketing efforts. We combine intelligent marketing automation software with powerful content creation strategies to offer a full-service email marketing campaign. Boost your revenue by sending timely company updates, informative newsletters, and marketing promotions to your list of qualified customers.

Holistic Content Marketing Services

Content marketing isn’t executed in a vacuum. A successful strategy integrates additional marketing streams to maximize results.

Marketing Automation

Your content plays a role in how you market to your qualified sales leads. With automation and content marketing services, you send scheduled email blasts that are intended to promote your brand and increase your revenue. Automation allows you to hyper-target your audience based on user behavior, and you can personalize your messaging down to the profile of each sales lead. The result is a streamlined marketing process that will make a positive impact on your revenue.


In today’s search engine environment, you cannot fool Google into artificially raising your ranking. Google ranks websites based on their value and authority. If you hope to rank for your desired search terms, you’ll need brand-centric, high-quality content.

Social Media

Want to exponentially boost shares, follows, likes, and comments? Great content is the answer, and it’s one of the most actionable ways to boost engagement for your social media efforts. By creating and releasing social media posts that are tailored to your audience, you maximize your results.

Online PR

Leverage content to build your reputation in your industry. Content marketing can work in tandem with your public relations strategy. The team at Zen will identify opportunities to use content to expand your reach and grow your brand.

“Every online entity needs content to thrive. At Zen, we collaborate with you to develop dynamic content that makes a lasting impact on your business. If your current content marketing is failing, or you’ve never cared to focus on content before, we can implement strategies that are tailored to your unique business needs.”
Rome Kirkland

Content Specialist – Zen Agency

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