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We engineer inbound marketing solutions that deliver qualified sales leads straight to your business. Our lead generation services involve a unique sales system that attracts, vets and nurtures leads to enable our clients to scale intelligently.

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Inbound Marketing

There’s a great deal of competition when attempting to promote your company online. Generating sales can be a conundrum if you don’t have an effective marketing strategy. The goal of your inbound marketing campaign is to attract and convert leads. We accomplish this by identifying the best opportunities for lead generation in your market. This can range from SEO to PPC marketing. Our strategists will create and execute lead generation services to funnel sales leads to your business.

Sales Retention

Don’t allow sales leads to slip through the cracks. One of the easiest ways to grow your revenue is to maximize the lifetime value of your current customers. Often enough, we find that there are simple fixes that can be implemented to retain your customers for a longer period of time.

Lead Nurturing

Not every lead is ready to buy at the first point of contact. There are likely multiple touchpoints where you must acquaint the customer with your brand and demonstrate your value. Our lead generation services create sales funnels that handle this process. With lead nurturing, you transform lukewarm prospects into ready-to-buy clients. With consistent follow-up engagement and emails, you can exponentially boost sales.


At any moment, there are interested prospects looking for a company like yours online. The goal is to capture these customers as they’re searching in real time. Search engine optimization (SEO) allows us to do just that. By targeting the search terms that are commonly used by your customers, we attract qualified leads who are likely to buy.

PPC Marketing

There are few faster ways to generate qualified sales leads than with pay-per-click marketing. Search-based PPC will plant your webpage at the top of the search engines (Google or Bing). Similar to SEO, we target the best search terms used by your customers. We also retarget site visitors who didn’t convert into paying customers. With effective lead generation services, targeting methods, smart budget pacing, and valuable funnel optimization strategies, we efficiently generate the leads you need to increase sales and revenue.

Website Design

Your website is the headquarters of your online operations. If it’s not optimized to generate sales, you are losing out on revenue. We build websites with design and performance in mind. A pretty website is fine, but if it isn’t operating like a sales-generating machine, it’s nothing but a digital brochure. Your website should naturally aid in the lead generation process. We build and manage websites that capture the contact info of your prospects and help with retention. Your website is a 24/7 sales employee with no holidays– you must maximize its value to your business.

Email Marketing

An engaged email list can be one of the most responsive marketing channels there is. Using reliable traffic-generating strategies (SEO, PPC), we send prospects to a webpage to capture their contact info. Once they’re on the list, we use content to keep them engaged, and we follow up with persuasive promos to generate revenue.

“Quality leads are the lifeblood of any business. By creating and sustaining a system for lead gen, you generate predictable revenue and streamline your sales processes.”
Sean Gove

Solution Specialist – Zen Agency

We Create and Grow Lead Gen Systems

Our lead generation services build systems that allow us to easily attract, engage and convert site visitors into buying customers.  Whether you’re a company that has never tried online marketing or your current digital marketing systems are failing to produce leads, we can provide the guidance, structure, and execution needed for you to see success online.

A Personalized Approach

Every business is different. For us to help you scale your business, we must dive deep into your operations to understand your problems, needs, and goals. This discovery process allows us to build customized lead generation services around your business. By building a quantifiable lead gen system, you won’t wonder how you will generate sales next month—you’ll have a proven model to predict and sustain growth.

Consistent Optimization

We wouldn’t be good at what we do if we didn’t consistently track and optimize our marketing systems. We disregard buzz terms and vanity marketing metrics to focus on what matters: qualified leads, conversions, cost-per-lead, and sales opportunities. With lead gen, it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the metrics that don’t yield any meaningful data. Our job is to understand your goals and recognize what we can do to reach them.

Qualify & Nurture

Not every lead can convert into a paying customer. By qualifying the lead for you, we help you save valuable time and resources. Once a fully vetted lead has entered the funnel, we nurture the prospect with consistent follow-ups by sending them engaging content. The trick is knowing when the lead is ready to convert and being present and visible when that time has come. With Zen, your lead generation and conversion processes are clearly defined and optimized.

A Replicable Process

Marketing must be quantifiable, replicable, and scalable if you hope to grow consistently. When we work with you, we set out to create iterative processes that can be scaled for growth. Our team of marketing strategists, designers, developers, copywriters, and traffic experts can create a cohesive plan of action to generate and convert quality sales leads.

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Our team will implement and run a lead generation engine that gets your best prospects onto the phone or in person.