Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing campaigns start with an innovative strategy. We are experts in crafting personalized marketing strategies that make your company memorable and unique. We develop a comprehensive, integrated marketing approach that embeds your brand in customers’ minds throughout all parts of their online journey, resulting in lasting memories and customer loyalty!

We Create Holistic Marketing Strategies

There’s no denying it: the future is digital. If you want to move your business forward, you need a rock-solid marketing strategy to help you dominate the digital space. At Zen, our specialists look at your objectives and create an ambitious roadmap to achieve them. Whether you want to focus on a single marketing avenue, or you want to execute a multi-channel campaign, we can devise a powerful strategy to get you there.

Creating the Digital Brand

A successful marketing strategy often starts with understanding who you are, what your market wants, and how you can leave a lasting impression that will drive sales and solidify your brand. By creating memorable digital experiences, you separate yourself from your competition and become a leader in your market.

Develop Buyer Personas

Your marketing can’t succeed if you don’t know your audience. We believe in drawing a clear picture of who your market is with the use of buyer personas. A buyer persona is a profile of your ideal customer, which illustrates who they are, and what motivates them. We utilize this profile when we deploy your marketing strategy.

Focus on UX

How do you want your customers to interact with your brand? This is an important question, and it’s something that we strive to answer when we draw up your digital strategy. By designing smooth, memorable digital experiences, you will leave a positive and lasting impression on your customers. A great user experience creates a replicable journey that takes the customer from the first point of contact to the point where they’re comfortable enough to make consistent purchases from your brand.

Track and Measure

A strategy wouldn’t be complete if you couldn’t review its performance. We believe in tracking your marketing and optimizing it as we receive new data. The result is a feedback loop that allows us to improve your marketing performance and position your brand better consistently.

A Full-Range Digital Strategy

Whether you’re an online store looking to grow exponentially, or you’re a local business wanting to increase your online reach, your marketing efforts often begin with your digital strategy. You’ll be able to identify your market and what type of messaging will most likely reach them.

Create Content

A lack of content is like a fisherman without his bait. Great content will stimulate interest and increase your reach in your market. We devise a potent content marketing strategy for your business. We deploy infographics, blog posts, SEO pages, landing pages, whitepapers, case studies, and more. Our content strategy is aligned with your desired outcome: more sales, and brand visibility.

Increase Visibility

If you have no audience, or your audience is small, your marketing will falter. By looking at your market and objectives, we create a plan of action to drive targeted traffic to your website. The source of traffic can be singular or cross-disciplinary. With an increase in exposure, your business can explode.

Leverage Data

Segment your digital marketing activities and analyze the impact. By leveraging data, you can optimize your efforts and launch more effective marketing strategies. Using insights requires an understanding of your market, creativity to identify where you’re underperforming, and foresight to make corrections to stimulate growth.

Repeat the Cycle

Once there is a winning formula, we sustain it for long-term success. We focus on creating marketing processes that can be replicated. This allows you to maintain the pressure and make real breakthroughs with your marketing. We work by deeply analyzing the important metrics, identifying where we succeeded and failed, and devising a strategy to improve conversions going forward. Your data tells the clearest story of your marketing efforts.

“Strategy Is the first step. When embarking on a marketing campaign, you need a strategy to help you reach your goals. Our team is composed of knowledgeable, experienced marketers who can help you create a strategy that’s built to win.”
Joseph L. Riviello

CEO – Zen Agency

Our Process

We’ve developed a proven process to create successful marketing strategies for our clients. Whether you’re a business with no experience marketing online, or you’re an enterprise looking for an agency to take your existing marketing to new heights, our process will facilitate the path to your goals.


Think of us as a strategic partner. For us to really create an awesome strategy, we must deeply understand what makes your business tick. Every marketing project we undertake starts with an introductory session that will uncover your needs, desires, and weak points. This is the preliminary work necessary to devise a successful marketing strategy.


After we get acquainted with your business, we conduct thorough market research to gain insight. We develop a cohesive marketing plan that addresses your objectives and positions you for long-term success. A sound marketing strategy will deliver a major impact on your business, and it’s the engine for our marketing efforts.


At Zen, we’re action-oriented. Your strategy won’t amount to much if it’s poorly executed. Depending on your needs we assign a team of qualified experts who can lift the strategy off the ground. Our team synergizes with your company to execute marketing campaigns that deliver the result your desired results.


We leverage data and insights to inform our decision-making. Every marketing process we execute is quantifiable, and we let your metrics tell the story of how your campaign is performing. With transparent reporting and consistent optimization, we refine your campaign to be a robust, money-making machine.

Ready to sit down and map out a real marketing strategy?

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