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As an extension of your team, we help you market your business and brand to a wide audience.

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In today’s noisy and crowded digital landscape, telling your story (and telling it well) is non-negotiable. Your PR strategy is an integral part of getting your message out, but it must be done correctly. All your customers are online, and you can build trust and influence their buying behavior by telling your story on reputable platforms. Successful PR services accomplish a few things at once: it increases brand awareness, boosts your SEO ranking factors, and it sells your products and services. For this reason, your online PR campaign can be one of your most cost-efficient marketing activities. Digital media enables you to target and reach more people than traditional advertising ever could. At Zen, we offer measurable solutions to increase your visibility and boost your brand.

PR Services & Strategy

When starting a PR campaign, you must know who, what, when, where, and how. Our strategists develop a game plan for targeting multiple online publications that can extend your reach, add valuable backlinks to your site, and grow your reputation in your market. But before we do anything, we sit down with you and uncover your goals. This gives us the insight we need to execute our PR services successfully.

Media Outreach

Digital media dominates the traditional media of old– newspapers, radio, billboards, magazines, etc. The main difference between the new and old media is this: digital media is much more accessible and has a wider reach. A focused effort can cause your message to spread like wildfire, and if your digital strategy is set up properly, your brand can take a major leap. When you work with Zen, we’ll handle your media outreach and connect with relevant online publications that can extend your message to their audience. The result is a near-immediate increase in visibility and social influence.

Link Building

Google ranks websites that people trust and respect. Having a link from a serious online publication is a demonstration of high value to Google’s algorithm. High-quality links can shoot your site up the ranks, but this is only one piece of a solid SEO strategy. To improve your SEO, we recommend a holistic strategy that aligns with good on-page SEO, a great user experience, and high-quality content. Adding authoritative links from our PR services can help you leapfrog over your competitors.

Brand Awareness

PR content works best when it tells a story. Many companies make the mistake of writing dry, inessential PR content in hope of only getting links to their website. This is a shortsighted strategy that will only give you the technical benefits (SEO boost) without giving a reason for new audiences to know and trust your brand. By telling your story authentically, and using trusted publishers to boost your story’s visibility, you leave a memorable impression on readers and site visitors.

“Our broad spectrum of PR services can direct targeted traffic to your business, increase consumer confidence in your products, and establish your brand as an authority in your industry.”
Kelly Franks

Director of Marketing – Zen Agency

Our Approach to PR Services

When you work with Zen, you’ll be aligned with a thoughtful, strategic team who will have your best interests in mind.


It all starts with the plan. We devise intelligent strategies that are focused on your industry and business. The goal is to use online PR services to get the results needed to meet your internal objectives. We thoroughly research your market to gain valuable insights into how to find and engage your target market. Your mission is to publicize your story, drive traffic, and generate more revenue—the team at Zen will help you achieve it.

Create Relationships

We do the groundwork needed to get your business featured in the best publications. For this to happen, we aggressively pursue relationships with influencers and journalists, educate them on our client’s stories, and do what needs to be done to get your company featured on their platforms and publications.

Thought Leadership

For our strategy to be successful, you need to be perceived as an authority in your industry. To do this, we need to help you stay at the forefront of trends as they occur, demonstrate your knowledge and industry experience, and cater to what’s on the minds of your target audience. To be a thought leader, you must be extremely visible in your industry, so we draft press releases, organize media interviews, find product placement opportunities, and more.

Data Analysis

We use the data from your PR campaign to inform our next moves. By using relevant data, we can see what working and why. By knowing what’s clicking with your target audience, and which publications help boost your search engine rankings, we can eliminate what’s not working and maintain what is.

Our PR Services

Our knowledgeable and creative PR team employs a variety of services that will help you reach your objectives.

Press Releases

Address your target audience with a concise, well-written press release. We transform your industry expertise, raw thoughts, and topical insights into media-ready content. A press release can act as top-of-funnel content that drives targeted visitors to your website, and it can persuade readers to become buyers of your products and services.

Media Interviews

Be an authority in your market with media interviews. By connecting you with key publications and influencers, you can participate in interviews that position you as a thought leader in your industry.

Case Studies

A detailed case study can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal. Your audience wants to see proof that your products and services work. A case study can explain how and why your product/service works. This will increase consumer confidence and boost your credibility.

Reputation Management

You’re nothing without your reputation. Maintain a positive light on various search and social platforms with the help of our reputation management services.


Digital PR services and SEO go hand-in-hand. By generating authoritative backlinks to your website, you can quickly climb the search engines for relevant keywords.

Increase your visibility & become an authority.

People buy from brands they trust. By leveraging digital media and online PR services, you can create trust in your brand faster than any traditional advertising method.