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Social media is at the center of everything we do online, and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are used by billions worldwide. In today’s digital marketing environment, it can be argued that there is no better tool to market your brand and increase engagement than social media. At Zen, we focus on social media marketing services that have a lasting impact on your business.

Create Your Voice

The social media landscape is filled with competition. Not only are you competing with other businesses in your market, but you’re also competing with what users see on their feeds, messages from their friends, and sponsored ads on their pages. For you to gain traction, you’re competing for their attention. But for you to be successful, your brand must have a distinct voice. This is an important step in creating memorable interactions that leave an impact on your customers. The branding specialists at Zen will help you develop your brand’s voice.

Start Conversations

Social media is perhaps the only marketing medium that allows you to have one-on-one conversations with your audience and customers. If you want to spark conversations, handle customer service inquiries, get feedback on your products and services, or gain valuable insight into your marketplace, social media conversations can be a real game-changer for your business.

Sell Your Products

People who follow you on social media are often your target market. With targeted social media services, content, and marketing methods,  you can constantly sell to your customers without interference. At any moment, you can post special promotions to boost sales. 

Grow Brand Awareness

If you want to grow the visibility of your brand, social media is likely the best place to start. There is a place for every Niche on social media. To spark brand awareness, you must create high-value content, engage your following, and position yourself as a leading brand. We help you identify a target market, and we help to develop a strategy to reach them.

Engage Your Audience

If social media marketing services can be condensed into one word, it would be “engagement”. Companies who engage on social media successfully can extend their brand’s reach and thrive in their marketplace. Social media users want to see relevant posts that intrigue and stimulate them. Our social media team intuitively understands this, and we help you craft powerful social media posts that resonate with your followers.

“We’re action-oriented Social Media Marketers. Social media is the present and the future. By working with Zen, you align your company with a forward-thinking agency with a focus on delivering real results.”

Samantha Irving

GM of Client Services – Zen Agency

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Account Creation

Get started on the right foot. Your account setup is one of the most important parts of social media. Our team will properly set up social accounts that are optimized for future growth. 

Social Media Posting

For you to be relevant and stay in the minds of your audience, you must post regularly on social media. Many companies falter and fail because they post randomly, and they don’t target their posts to the right audience. Being social is a full-time job for many companies, and they simply don’t have the help they need to post consistently. When you work with us, you have a team behind with social media marketing services to handle your posting responsibilities.

Social Media Advertising

By advertising on social media, you can generate immediate results. With social media, you can target your exact demographic, run remarketing campaigns to advertise recent website visitors, and use your email database to run custom ads for your subscribers. When compared to traditional advertising, social media is far more robust and cost-effective. With a single ad, you can instantly reach thousands of targeted people. With this sort of reach, you can rapidly increase sales and grow your brand.

Boosted Posts

On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, only a portion of your followers will be able to see your posts. If you want to maximize your visibility, you must promote your posts. Running boosted post campaigns beached as many people as possible in your network. This will allow you to drive more sales and generate more interest with your target market. The social media marketing services team at Zen knows how and when to boost your posts for maximum exposure.

Our social media marketing services begin with creating and following a goal. To that end, we create an actionable strategy to accomplish that goal. Our services and strategies are built to maximize your potential on social media.

Our SEO Process

We don’t subscribe one-size-fits-all philosophy of marketing. Every business we work with is different, and they need unique solutions to solve their problems. Our social media marketing services are delivered with a very specific process built to increase your visibility, drive sales, and improve conversions. 


Before we begin working with you, we audit your current social media presence, and we look for areas of weakness that we can improve upon. In the discovery process, we uncover your goals, and we deliberate on how we can achieve them with our social media marketing services.


You can’t expect to win if you don’t have a game plan. At Zen, we understand that it’s very important that we know what to do specifically throughout your campaign and how we will do it. Our strategists will work with you to help you determine your goals and create a pathway to social media success.


We assign an experienced social media manager to run your accounts. Whether the strategy is organic marketing, social media advertising, or both, we’ll work with you to reach your goals. Our social media marketing services team is adept at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.


If you don’t know how your metrics are performing, you don’t have a viable marketing strategy. We understand that it’s crucially important that we identify key metrics that have an impact on your business. Metrics such as likes and follows, as good as they may be, often don’t tell the whole story and how your marketing is performing. Bye understanding what to measure and how to optimize going forward, your marketing efforts will produce the results you desire.


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