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Brand Strategy / Identity Development

BRANDING case study Legacy-Cuisine

At A Glance

Legacy Cuisine is an online food kit company that offers premium and traditional DIY kits that use authentic Italian ingredients to make unique foods and snacks.

There are DIY kits for making just about anything, but how many of them use traditional and custom sourced ingredients to create an authentic product and truly unique experience? Give up? None.

Memories. That’s why Legacy Cuisine was dreamt up. The memories we share when making something from scratch. The laughing, playing, and smiling that come from working together. Families grow up so fast and every moment they spend together creates their own legacy. A tradition that can be passed down from generation to generation. Legacy Cuisine believes in not just helping you make memories but helping you make memories that you’ll share.


  • Food & Drink
  • B to C
  • Retail
  • E-Commerce

Our Role

  • Brand Development
  • Creative Direction
  • UI/UX Design
  • WooCommerce Website Development

The Challenge

Create a brand that can capture the feel of a modern online food ordering company while keeping a traditional bespoke feel with a human element.

Legacy Cuisine Logo and Branding

The Solution

Create a brand that can capture the feel of a modern online food ordering company while keeping a traditional bespoke feel with a human element.

The Results

The brand for Legacy Cuisine is reminiscent of a classic recipe card you may find in Grandma’s kitchen. The classic “From the Kitchen of” message makes us think about family recipes that were shared through the generations. “Legacy Cuisine” is handwritten and slightly flawed giving it a truly bespoke feel that can only be achieved with a person’s unique signature. The tagline “Add a Pinch of Tradition” pays homage to the authentic ingredients that comprise each of the kits. It is also meant to encourage families to make this memory theirs and start a new tradition.

The challenge of making an idea a reality is what I look forward to at Zen Agency. Sitting down with Legacy Cuisine and surrounding myself with their vision for their new company really influenced the branding process. A homemade, friendly brand that’s legendary is just the beginning for this new product.

David Brodt

Creative Director – Zen Agency

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Services Provided

Product Naming

Create a unique, memorable product name that communicates the brand experience and is relatable to customer sentiment.

Brand Consulting

Research and consulting for brand environment.


Create a customer experience in line with the product experience.

Messaging Creation

Tone and voice of unique messaging to enforce brand experience.

Logo / Identity Design

Creation of logo lockup, word mark, custom type, iconography, and design elements.

Packaging Design

Strategically create packaging elements for ingredients that align with brand and identity experience.

Vendor Management

Research and source the appropriate vendors for print materials, packaging printing, and packaging elements.

Print Design

Design packaging inserts such as instructions and collateral that align with brand identity and messaging.


Selling the product using online and traditional resources such as pay-per-click, ad words, affiliate marketing, email campaigns, and promotional offers.


Promoting brand and product awareness to ideal customers through brand building campaigns online, social media, and affiliate networks.

Website Design / Development

Design and develop an online e-commerce experience that is aligned and encourages brand engagement.

Competitor Research

Research competitor products and companies to create a consensus and present a unique experience based on our findings to a focus group of ideal, potential, and competitor customers