Stainless Steel Product Manufacturer Website & Marketing Case Study

Increased In Conversions


Conversion rate Increase


Increase In Revenue


At A Glance is a family-owned business located in Branchburg, New Jersey
that is dedicated to providing top-quality sanitary stainless products to the food &
beverage and pharma industries.


  • Manufacturing
  • B to B

Our Role

  • Market Research 
  • Rebranding 
  • Print Collateral 
  • Website Development 
  • Marketing 
  • Photography
  • Support

Obstacles & Objectives

DuvaSanitary was a brand new company & website in 2020, and we were excited for the challenge of taking on their marketing efforts from inception. Many competitors saw traffic and conversions from their established branded keywords, but this was not an option with a brand-new company. We utilized Google planning and forecasting tools to develop relevant keywords and ads for their products to drive the best traffic possible and build up their presence in this space. A major obstacle was the high costs per click associated with some of these terms combined with a modest budget for a brand new business. As we drove more and more traffic, we knew the conversions and revenue for this e-commerce business should be higher.

Manufacturer Case Study

Strategy & Solution

Pipe Fitting Manufacturer Website

Website Development

Zen designed and developed a fully mobile-responsive e-commerce website showcasing Duva Sanitary’s products and enabled the team to feed all products into Google Shopping.

Marketing Strategies

We began utilizing Google Shopping campaigns after setting up the data feed and verifying tracking codes were functioning properly. Due to the nature of the products, we anticipated this method would convert more often – there are many different types of tubing, fittings, valves, and hoses and only a subset of those searchers would need Sanitary versions for their food or beverage equipment. With Shopping ads we were able to set the expectations before searchers even made their first click – they could see the image of the product itself and the price and could choose additional accessories once on the site.

The Shopping campaigns proved successful and helped generate some initial conversions. Since we knew the data we were recording was valid, we used this information month-over-month in combination with working with the business owner to make the most appropriate adjustments. This strategy has worked as intended, and we have seen increases in sales and revenue month after month and helped grow this account from zero to where it stands today. We’re excited to stay on this trajectory and continue to help grow DuvaSanitary’s online presence and success.

The Results

Increase In Conversions


Conversion Rate Increase


Decrease In Cost Per Click


Return On Ad Spend


Increase In Revenue


Increase In Clicks


Cost Per Conversion Decrease


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