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Email marketing can be one of the most effective revenue-generating activities your business can execute. By building an email list of qualified prospects and buyers, you’re creating an asset that will reliably deliver sales with a click of the word “send.” We believe effective email marketing services should be one of the cornerstones of your marketing strategy. It’s likely that every one of your customers owns an email address. If you have a message you want to release to your prospects and followers, email can be the most efficient option. If you want to retain your customers and increase their Lifetime Value (LTV), email can be your most effective option. If you want an influx of sales from new customers, email can be your most reliable option. Whether you’re a local business attempting to gain customer via the internet, or you’re an E-commerce business looking to increase revenue, email marketing can be the answer.

email marketing services

List Building

The magic is in the list. If your list is lacking in quality or quantity (or both), we work on increasing your email signups. The goal is to send visitors to a signup form where they provide their contact info. Your email marketing services need to drive targeted (not random) visitors who are likely to become customers in the future. You will need to incentivize the email signups—this is done with the use of a lead magnet. A lead magnet will be something you give the customer in exchange for their contact info. This could be a discount or a free white paper/ebook. The bigger and more targeted your list, the more sales you can generate from it.

Email Marketing Services & Strategy

When we begin to work with you, we look at your overarching needs, goals, and problems. We review your past experiences with email marketing, and we’ll determine what we need to do to get the most out of your email marketing campaign. We research your audience to identify your target market and how you can reach them. We’ll develop your brand’s message and determine how we can integrate it with your email marketing. We create an email schedule and we structure a marketing funnel around the emails that get sent. Without a working strategy, your email marketing campaign will fall flat.

Email Newsletters

If you want to convert new customers and retain old ones, you need high-quality email content. Ideally, you want your subscribers excited when they see your emails hit their inbox. We craft emails that provide value to your subscribers, sell your products and services, and build your brand. You’re constantly competing for real estate in your subscriber’s inbox, and by sending high quality, attention-grabbing content, you become a “priority open” for your subscribers.

Traffic Campaigns

You won’t grow your list without driving traffic to your website. At Zen, we’re adept at generating multiple streams of traffic with our email marketing services. Depending on your unique business, we can drive traffic via organic SEO, or we can run paid traffic campaigns. We focus on driving targeted traffic that is likely to convert into paying customers.

Marketing Automation

Automation can dramatically enhance the email marketing process. For example, instead of sending the same content to the entire list, you can separate new subscribers from existing customers. For the new subscribers, you can send email content that introduces them to your brand and guides them through your marketing funnel. Existing customers can receive content based on their past purchase behavior. With automation, you can also personalize emails (subscribers can be more likely to open if they are personally addressed), and you can send out emails on a schedule. Automation allows you to be efficient and precise, which can lead to more sales.  

Campaign Management

For your email marketing services to succeed, you need a dedicated team who will professionally manage your campaign. Our team will help you grow your audience, write emails that engage your list, and implement automation software to streamline your processes. We delve into the data, crunch the important numbers, and make timely changes that will grow your revenue.

Conversion Optimization

By focusing on traffic, an influx of visitors will hit your site. But if your website isn’t built with conversions in mind, your email signups will be few and far between. Our marketing specialists will find the culprit of your low email signups. By properly optimizing your website and signup forms, you can substantially increase your amount of email subscribers. Something as simple as changing a few words on your landing page can trigger a spike of new signups.

email marketing services

Ready for us to show you the true value in effective email marketing and email automation?

Comprehensive email marketing services that grow your revenue and your brand. 

"Email marketing is a crucial piece of a holistic digital marketing strategy, and is still one of the most reliable ways to generate revenue for an online business."

Joseph L. Riviello, CEO, Zen Agency

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