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New ICOs are sprouting at a breakneck pace. For your ICO to stand out from the crowd, you need creative, results-driven marketing that connects you with the right investors. We’re an agency that aligns industry knowledge with innovative ICO marketing services to propel your blockchain project.

The Zen Approach


When we begin to work together, we look at your ICO and we review any of your current marketing materials (if you have them). These marketing materials can be existing whitepapers, articles, social media campaigns, and whatever else is being used to promote the ICO. In this stage, the goal is to see how the average investor would understand your project. If the project isn’t properly understood, investors won’t believe in it, and it will be totally disregarded. If the current marketing strategy has some shortcomings, we start strategizing on how we can drive targeted exposure to your project ICO marketing services.


A weak website and poorly written content will leave a poor impression on new visitors. We ensure that your website is built with user experience (UX) in mind. On-site content will be written to properly introduce your ICO and explain why it should exist. If needed, a whitepaper will be written to add credibility, fight skepticism and educate the reader.

Drive Exposure

The blockchain space is constantly moving and changing. You need agile marketing solutions that help you keep pace. We place your project in front of the right people, and we do this by driving quality traffic to your website. We can do this a variety of ways-- PPC marketing, connecting with industry influencers, social media marketing, online PR, and more.


You aren’t marketing properly if you’re not carefully analyzing the data. With analysis comes insight, and this allows us to find new opportunities to promote your project, identify what isn’t working before we invest too much time, and streamline our processes so that you reach your goals faster.

When ICOs fail to sell out, it’s often due to a lack of quality marketing. The blockchain space is crowded, and if you want to gain traction, you need to market intelligently and aggressively. The crypto community needs to not only be aware of your project, it needs to understand why it exists. Our mission is to give you the exposure needed to take your ICO to market with effective ICO marketing services.

Our ICO Marketing Services

We have a suite of ICO marketing services that can help you win the recognition you need to successfully launch your ICO.


With search engine marketing (SEM), we use paid and organic strategies to drive quality traffic to your website. With search engine optimization (SEO), we rank your website to gain organic traffic from targeted visitors.  With pay-per-click (PPC), you get immediate results as opposed to SEO. With Google or Bing, you can create awareness about your products, brands or services, advertise locally or globally and can reach the right people at the right time.

Online PR

An online PR campaign can gain your ICO much-needed recognition and credibility. Draft a series of press releases, schedule media interviews, and get your project featured in reputable publications. An aggressive digital PR campaign can legitimize your product in the eyes of investors and users.

ICO Web Design

In blockchain’s fast-paced environment, you won’t receive too many chances to make an impression on investors. By having an attractive and functional website, you put your best foot forward. Your website is a foundational piece for your ICO marketing services. Our design and development team can build a powerful website that will act as a “home of operations” for your marketing campaign.

ICO Website Listings

By listing your project on ICO review websites, you are put in front of potential investors. ICO review websites are highly visited resources that investors turn to when they want more information on an ICO, or when they want to find new ICO projects. As part of our ICO Marketing services, we’ll list your project on a network of ICO review websites to maximize your reach.

Whitepaper Services

A well-written, visually appealing whitepaper can be one of your most powerful assets as you launch your ICO. A whitepaper addresses why your project should exist, and it should persuade the reader on becoming an investor. Whether you have an existing whitepaper that you believe can be improved, or you need to create one from scratch, we will analyze your market, find quality insights, write the content, and design the layout. The result is a whitepaper that acts as an ambassador for your project.

Display Advertising

Run banner ads on crypto-related websites. Doing so can raise brand awareness, add credibility to the project, drive targeted traffic, and lead to potential ICO sales. We’re partnered with the major display ad networks, and we can get your ad shown on many of the popular crypto websites.

Social Media Marketing

Control the conversation on social media. Your potential investors can be found on social networks, and it’s important that you’re visible and active on these platforms. We’ll get you active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram, and we’ll optimize your profiles for engagement and conversions. Zen’s social media team will help you grow your following, answer queries, dismiss doubts, and connect your project with your target audience.

Influencer Marketing

We create relationships with the most influential people in your target market, and we get them talking about your project on their social media and industry forums. Not only does this add credibility to the project, but it’ll also generate interest. Creating authentic hype around your project will elicit excitement, and it can lead to potential investors.

Would you like to know how we can help reach investors for your ICO?

As ICOs become more commonplace, you need a marketing team who is blockchain-literate and nimble enough to keep pace as the industry evolves. But even in a constantly changing industry, foundational marketing principles still apply: create an offer, drive traffic, and convert.

"At Zen, we employ effective marketing strategies to help you ICO achieve its hard cap."

Joseph L. Riviello, CEO , Zen Agency

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