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Is your website up and running but NOT generating quality web traffic? We can help by providing:

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Be Seen by The Right People—At the Right Time

Search engine optimization (SEO) makes you discoverable to potential customers who are actively searching for products and services. By ranking your website, you’ll be put in front of these customers as they make their buying decisions. No matter the type of business you own, SEO services can deliver major results. The team at ZEN helps businesses achieve success through SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of increasing quantity and quality of your site’s traffic through organic search engine results. Search engines like Google display links it considers relevant and authoritative. Google looks at technical and contextual factors (good code and content) to score their search results. Websites with top search results receive high amounts of organic traffic.

Why SEO Matters

Your potential customers are actively searching online for solutions to their problems. By optimizing your search rankings with our expert SEO services, you become more visible to them—making it likely they’ll find and interact with your site. The websites with high search rankings receive more traffic, and they are perceived to be more credible and trustworthy by searchers. This all facilitates sales for your business.

What Defines “Good” SEO

In years past, stuffing keywords and pumping out filler content was enough to rank highly on Google. That level of effort doesn’t cut it anymore. These days, you need high quality content, great code and intelligent linking strategies to make an impact. Good SEO has both the Google and the end user in mind. At Zen, we deploy the perfect combination of SEO services to exponentially increase your visibility.

The Big Picture

We believe SEO is an important piece of a very large puzzle. Your online reach can only go so far if you lack consistent traffic. By leveraging SEO, you become discoverable to high-quality prospects who are wanting to interact with a brand like yours. But for this to happen, it starts by creating a sound strategy that is built with your end-goals in mind.

Our Process


To kickstart your SEO services, we conduct thorough research. We analyze your industry, what keywords to target, and how you stack up against the top competitors in your market. In this stage, we work to understand your needs and goals, and we’re looking at your strengths and weaknesses. Our research is an important step that informs the next stages of our process.


We take the analysis into your business and market and we craft a unique SEO strategy based on your needs and goals. We devise an action plan that declares what needs to be done to maximize your success. Our strategy looks to leverage opportunities for growth, and we identify key metrics to focus on as we move forward.


In the execution phase of our SEO services, we make an abundance of changes (both large and small) onsite. We create relevant, high-quality content, make key changes to improve your onsite optimization, promote your business by generating organic links offsite, and address many of the factors that enable Google to understand your value. This stage encompasses many of our responsibilities, and we have the tools, experience and personnel to achieve success.


Generating relevant traffic to your website is only part of the solution. For you to sustain long-term success, we monitor and measure SEO performance. SEO is constantly changing—old tactics often become obsolete with a single algorithm update. To stay ahead, your SEO team needs to have its finger on the pulse of the industry, and it must know how to look at the relevant data.

Before taking on any SEO project, it’s important to understand the process that makes our services so effective.

Our SEO Services

Whether you’re a large organization with hundreds of employees, or you’re an E-commerce store looking to boost sales, our SEO team can help you reach your goals.

E-commerce SEO Services

Over 44% of consumers begin the product discovery process with a search query. By being on top of the search engines, you capture these consumers in their buying journey. Our team creates custom strategies to rank your product, category and brand pages. The result is a sharp increase in motivated visitors who are ready to purchase your products.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO puts you in front of your local market as they are looking for a solution in real-time. According to Google, over 46% of searches have a local intent. Local traffic is extremely qualified, and if you’re not optimized for your neighborhood, you’re losing out on easy revenue. If your business has one or multiple physical locations, you cannot afford to neglect your local SEO strategy.

Enterprise SEO Services

For large organizations to have success with SEO, a robust strategy needs to be implemented. Large websites have many moving parts, and you’ll need a team that understands how to scale your marketing to meet the needs of your business. At Zen, we pull together multi-platform and multi-regional websites and integrate them into a strong, cohesive SEO strategy.

Lead Generation SEO Services

SEO can accomplish much more than increasing the visibility of your brand—it can explode your sales and revenue. Through SEO strategies that are structured around your business, you can drive targeted leads who are likely to buy. Our lead generation team targets your ideal customers and captures them as they progress through their online buying journey.

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"Users enter search queries because there’s a need that must be fulfilled. By optimizing your site for search, you connect with these users. Our team intelligently uses modern SEO techniques to increase your visibility, grow your brand, and capture more sales."

Kelly Franks, COO , Zen Agency

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