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We are a WordPress development agency that specializes in building aesthetically pleasing, functional WordPress websites for profit-driven businesses.

WooCommerce Awards and Certifications

Why Choose Our WordPress Development Services? 

Awards and Reviews

WordPress can be used to create e-commerce websites with thousands of products, or simple customer-facing websites for local businesses. Our developers have decades of collective experience using WordPress, know how to create sites that both look amazing and function perfectly, and can bring your vision to life. Over the years, clients have chosen us to design functional responsive websites, develop plugins, create mobile web apps, and more. We have a long track record of successful WordPress projects and will be ready to handle yours— no matter the size or difficulty of the project. If you’re ready to hire a WordPress website development company, contact us to get started.

Our Process 

1. Discovery and Planning

We discuss your ideas and speak to the key decision-makers for the project. We begin to conceptualize and plan— everything from the workflow, integrations, look, functionality, and the various requirements that are needed to get this project off the ground. There will be in-depth communication about concepts and ideation in this phase. 

2. Design and Development 

In this stage, we bring your website to life with comprehensive design and development. There will be coordination between our designers, programmers, copywriters, and your team. The goal is to create a website that fits your vision, functions smoothly and powerfully, and is attractive to the eye.

3. Review and Refine

The quality of your website is something we take seriously, so our team will thoroughly review your site to identify any weak points or errors before it goes live. During this stage, we’ll also keenly listen to your input and make changes as you see fit. Our goal is to eliminate any hiccups or bugs and ensure a smooth launch.

4. Launch

Once we’ve thoroughly reviewed your site and eliminated any errors, we’ll take your site live. At this point, we’ll also train you on how to use the content management system. For example, you’ll learn how to make changes, add content, etc. And of course, we’ll also be by your side post-launch to provide support.

We Are A Team Of Seasoned WordPress Experts.

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WordPress is the most versatile and powerful CMS on the planet, which is why over 30% of all websites are powered by WordPress. WordPress is simple to use, filled with loads of innovative plugins, and easy to manipulate to fit your needs.

Skilled, Experienced Team

Our team is loaded with highly skilled WordPress programmers with years of experience. We know how to troubleshoot just about any problem, and can take your raw ideas and turn them into a highly functional website that meets your needs. From fixing bugs and problems to building and integrating unique solutions, our team is highly capable and ready to help. 

WordPress Consulting and Support

Our deep knowledge of WordPress is an asset to you. WordPress can be confusing if you’re unfamiliar with some of its functions and concepts, so we can break things down and make everything easier to understand. This is important if you’re running a business from your WordPress site.

Results-Focused Workflow

We’re focused on one thing: results. As a WordPress Development agency, our team sticks to a system that builds feature-rich solutions, seamless integrations with plugins and tools, and supremely functional websites. With Zen, you’re always getting the very best for your WordPress project. This is the difference between our WordPress development services. 

Reliable Support

You’ll never need to worry about your website again. Our support team will be prepared to handle any support requests, help you to reduce downtime, protect you from security threats, and give you more time to focus on other parts of your business. This is one of the best advantages of using our WordPress website development services.

Recent WordPress Projects

A Full-Service WordPress Development Company

Custom WordPress Development Services

We offer bespoke services to take your idea to a full-fledged project built to meet your specifications. We start from scratch and build attractive and responsive WordPress websites to drive high-volume traffic with a greater conversion rate.

Content Migrations

No matter where your content is now, we can transport it to WordPress. Whether your content is in a database (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, or wherever), a web-based system (via an API), or an exported file, we can import it all into WordPress.

WordPress E-commerce Development

We build insanely robust digital stores for you to sell your products online. Using WooCommerce and a variety of other plugins integrations, we’ll build a site that is fast, functional, and attractive— helping you establish a strong first impression on your customers. 

Theme Customizations

We offer exceptional WordPress theme customization services that allow you to transform your themes into custom-built solutions. You don’t need to settle for a theme that’s being used by thousands of other websites. Stand out with our theme customizations.

Plugin Development

Our programmers can skillfully build WordPress plugins that can radically expand the functionality of WordPress websites. Our custom-built plugins are SEO-friendly, can be seamlessly integrated, perform incredibly well, are compatible with most WordPress versions.

WordPress Maintenance

As great as WordPress is, it can be a bit unwieldy if you don’t know how to use it. Add updates, spontaneous bugs and errors, unfamiliar terminology, and many moving parts, you may get a bit lost. Our WordPress development agency won’t abandon you after launch; we’ll be ready to provide constant support and maintenance.

Let’s Build Something Great!

Zen Agency is a WordPress website development company that architects innovative, aesthetic, and highly functional WordPress solutions. Our end-to-end WordPress development services can take your raw idea and convert it into a winning, profitable website. No matter the size or scale of the job, we have the technical know-how to get it done. Contact us today to get started with our WordPress development services.