WordPress Multisite Development: Establish a Robust Network of WordPress-Powered Sites

WordPress, the world’s most powerful content management system (CMS), allows you to set up an environment of multiple sites using a common set of themes, plugins, and other components. This is ideal for businesses that need multiple websites, eCommerce stores, universities, and so much more. 

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What Is WordPress Multisite?

Multisite is a feature of WordPress 3.0 and later versions that allow multiple virtual sites to share one installation of WordPress with each site having its own customized setup including themes, uploads, stores, etc. When activated, the original WordPress install becomes able to support an entire network.

There are 60 million websites that use WordPress, and nearly 50k WordPress sites are getting built daily. When multiple sites are being built by the same creator, it will make sense to use the WordPress Multisite feature, which allows you to create websites efficiently without needing to install and set up WordPress for each website. If the content is similar across your websites, this also saves you a significant amount of time. 

Multisite allows you to control multiple websites from one place. This can be as many as two sites to literally millions of websites. Let’s say you own a business with locations worldwide, and you need multiple websites for each location. Instead of hosting different sites with different WordPress logins, you launch these sites from one account with Multisite functionality. This option provides speed and convenience. 

The Advantages of WordPress Multisite Development 

Our WordPress Multisite development company can help you leverage the power of WordPress to launch as many websites as you need, streamline your backend processes, and scale exponentially.

Highly Scalable

No need to be worried about being dragged down by the time it would take to update multiple websites; the Multisite functionality allows you to scale exponentially. Fully unlock the peak potential of your business by leveraging WP Multisite capabilities, and grow at the pace you desire.

Simple, Single Installation

If you’re hosting several sites with different accounts, you are forced to install WordPress for each site separately. We don’t need to explain how unwieldy and convoluted this can become. By leveraging Multisite, you can install WordPress all in one go, streamlining your backend processes.

Simple Account Management

On regular WordPress, you have a singular admin role that has full management access to the website. When using WordPress Multisite, each site will have its own administrator, but the main site will have a “super administrator” who has access to all the content on subsites as well. The administrators on the subsites will not have access to other sites in the network or the hosting URL. This allows you to delegate roles to your site administrators and keeps their access organized on all levels.

Shared Themes and Plugins

Let’s say you need to change the theme for not only your main site but also your subsites. You can do this simultaneously with the share feature. WordPress Multisite allows you to “share” a plugin or theme to all of the sites in your network. This, of course, saves you a massive amount of time. 

Universal Updates

WordPress updates are a necessity to maintain security and to ensure your site’s functionality is top-notch. Instead of slowly updating your site one by one, you can do it with one swift action. This optimizes the processes for your development team.

API Integration

If there’s an external service you’re looking to integrate with your WordPress Multisite network, we can integrate it. We specialize in API integration and have the expertise to make the functionality work smoothly in a network environment.  

User Privilege Customization

If you want to customize the roles and capabilities of users on your network, this can be easily done. We can create custom user roles and assign capabilities to existing users without compromising your site’s security.


Choose Zen to Lead Your WordPress Multisite Development

A History of Success

As a company with an incredible track record with WordPress Multisite development, Zen is the clear choice for your web project. Leveraging the WordPress Multisite network is an ambitious endeavor, and you want a development team that can handle a heavy load of work, optimize your network of sites to work seamlessly with WP Multisite functionalities, and gives you the ongoing support needed to keep everything running smoothly. 


We emphasize caring for our clients from the beginning of the project until the end. Upon request, we also provide ongoing support. WordPress does have a learning curve, so we walk you through everything you need to know to manage your site. We respond to issues quickly, are very communicative throughout the entire process, and our entire WordPress Multisite development team is passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals.

Unparalleled Expertise

Collectively, we have several decades of WordPress experience. Our solutions are based on our deep-rooted knowledge of WordPress. We wholeheartedly believe in delivering tailor-made WordPress services based on your needs.

We’re WordPress Multisite Development Experts

By working with Zen, you can unleash the power of WP Multisite to launch a network of sites, automate your settings, and streamline your WordPress backend. WordPress Multisite provides growing businesses the ability to scale like never before. Contact us today to speak to our expert development team.

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