Bona Fide
Energy Bar Kit

Brand Strategy / Identity Development


Genuine energy that’s true to nature!

Client Story

Beartooth Mountain, Montana is one of the most beautiful places in the Rocky Mountains. Lush forests, bustling streams, monumental peaks, secluded and pure. Like a place out of a storybook…right here in America. Venturing into these trails for the genuine nature experience requires constant energy. Store-bought bars only prove bursts of energy and the last thing you want to do is crash next to a bear’s den. Legacy Cuisine found that Mother Nature gives us all that we need and we need real, healthy ingredients for a bona fide energy boost. Now, you may not be in the mountains of Montana and that’s ok. You’ll go there someday. Bona Fide Energy Bar Kit provides the needed energy for your everyday life, work, and much smaller mountains than Beartooth. Whether you’re hiking, riding, fishing, or feeling the 3 PM drain, Bona Fide Energy Bar Kit will give you an all-natural kickstart.


  • Food & Beverage

Our Role

  • Brand Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Packaging Design

The Challenge

Introduce an all-natural energy bar brand to customers that offer pure energy boosts with a hands-on approach through a unique, yet relatable, brand identity and packaging experience.

The Solution

The Bona Fide Energy Bar Kit brand encompasses natural and modern health trends. The clean, minimalist design of the brand relays the pure, simple ingredients. I perfect square ideal for packaging needs encases an abstract icon of the Beartooth Mountains in Montana. Ultra-modern typography is bold and invites a modern health-driven consumer. The color scheme communicates the elements of Earth and Sky/Water. The overall design is relative to competitors and widely accepted by consumer expectations.

Services Provided

Product Naming

Create a unique, memorable product name that communicates the brand experience and is relatable to customer sentiment.

Brand Consulting

Research and consulting for brand environment.


Create a customer experience in line with the product experience.

Messaging Creation

Tone and voice of unique messaging to enforce brand experience.

Logo / Identity Design

Creation of logo lockup, word mark, custom type, iconography, and design elements.

Packaging Design

Strategically create packaging elements for ingredients that align with brand and identity experience.

Vendor Management

Research and source the appropriate vendors for print materials, packaging printing, and packaging elements.

Print Design

Design packaging inserts such as instructions and collateral that align with brand identity and messaging.


Selling the product using online and traditional resources such as pay-per-click, ad words, affiliate marketing, email campaigns, and promotional offers.


Promoting brand and product awareness to ideal customers through brand building campaigns online, social media, and affiliate networks.

Website Design / Development

Design and develop an online e-commerce experience that is aligned and encourages brand engagement.

Competitor Research

Research competitor products and companies to create a consensus and present a unique experience based on our findings to a focus group of ideal, potential, and competitor customers

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