Kandy Build-A-Bar
Milk Chocolate Kit

Brand Strategy / Identity Development


Client Story

Kandy Build-a-Bar Milk Chocolate Kit is the sweetest DIY kit on the market today…bar none (actually it makes chocolate bars). There’s something magical about chocolate and Legacy Cuisine is bringing this magic home to you with a classic chocolate confectionary creation.


  • Food & Beverage

Our Role

  • Brand Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Packaging Design

The Result

The Kandy Build-a-Bar Milk Chocolate Kit brand is a culmination of all things chocolate and wonderful. Tapping into the fondest of childhood memories with playful typography and delicious colors. The main Kandy word is a playful and custom script that reminds the customer of a Willy Wonka experience. Surrounded by a boutique-wide slab typeface that has a “Build your own” essence to it. The banner at the bottom pays homage to the classic chocolate companies with hand-drawn Hershey-esk lettering. The combination of DIY, pop culture, and vintage design make the Kandy brand inviting to all. The color scheme is all about chocolate using various browns complemented by bold contrasting colors to make it whimsical and fun. the overall design was geared to represent a stamped emboss found on many chocolate treats. A seal of perfection and quality. The resulting packing and identity system carries the chocolatier experience with a bespoke vintage feel that is designed to evoke the fondest of emotions you get when enjoying the simple treat that is chocolate.

Services Provided

Product Naming

Create a unique, memorable product name that communicates the brand experience and is relatable to customer sentiment.

Brand Consulting

Research and consulting for brand environment.


Create a customer experience in line with the product experience.

Messaging Creation

Tone and voice of unique messaging to enforce brand experience.

Logo / Identity Design

Creation of logo lockup, word mark, custom type, iconography, and design elements.

Packaging Design

Strategically create packaging elements for ingredients that align with brand and identity experience.

Vendor Management

Research and source the appropriate vendors for print materials, packaging printing, and packaging elements.

Print Design

Design packaging inserts such as instructions and collateral that align with brand identity and messaging.


Selling the product using online and traditional resources such as pay-per-click, ad words, affiliate marketing, email campaigns, and promotional offers.


Promoting brand and product awareness to ideal customers through brand building campaigns online, social media, and affiliate networks.

Website Design / Development

Design and develop an online e-commerce experience that is aligned and encourages brand engagement.

Competitor Research

Research competitor products and companies to create a consensus and present a unique experience based on our findings to a focus group of ideal, potential, and competitor customers

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