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Committed to building the one-stop resource for athletes managing their current injuries and working to prevent future ones.

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Company Overview

Athletes Treating Athletes is an online education company that specializes in helping trainers and athletes learn the basic techniques for physical therapy and injury treatment. ATA is a one-stop resource that includes self-treatment education for strength work, self-massage, stretching, mobilizations, and kinesiology taping to help athletes manage and prevent injuries.

Challenges Lead to Solutions

Irrelevant brand & confusing customer experience combined with a dated website and lackluster treatment interface meant Athletes Treating Athletes' brand needed some rehab.

Branding & Iconography

We created a logo and identity that is reflective of the five-step treatment program offered, as well as a custom iconography system to represent the available treatment options.
User-friendly Website Design, Development, and E-commerce

We designed a website fully optimized for the tablets typically used by the client's customer base in a fitness facility. ATA's user interface makes it easy for customers to navigate the site without interrupting their daily workouts.
Interactive Body Map
We created an interactive visual representation of individual muscle groups to provide customers with the best treatment options for common injuries. The interactive body maps drive customers through the buying process by meeting their needs in the most efficient way possible.

Icon-Based Member Interface

Member Interface
ATA's member interface offers customers a progressive treatment program, available in levels 1–5 to ensure each individual's experience is optimal for his or her ability. Members engage in ATA's learning management system to pinpoint areas to target with stretching, self-massage, strength work, mobilizations, and kinesiology taping.

The Road to Recovery
When clients use the interactive body map, they select their particular pain center and sign-up for monthly memberships as an individual or team. From there they are transported to the learning management system that guides members through the step-by-step process using videos and text tutorials on the recommended treatment methods. Not only does ATA's custom solution give members the valuable training they need, but it also provides a re-occurring income stream generated by monthly membership fees.

Services Performed

  • Branding

  • Logo Design

  • Custom Iconography

  • Website Design

  • Ecommerce

  • Interactive Body Map

Custom brand for the custom plans.

Custom Iconography
User Interface and Website Design
Branding and Design
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