Roe Racing

Roe Racing

A brand built on a life-long passion and love for automobiles

Logo Design

Company Overview

Offering superchargers and performance enhancements for Dodge Viper, Challenger, Charger, and Ram SRT-10 makes and models, Roe Racing is an industry leader in vehicle modifications. Tailoring the company's product line to match their customers' need for speed, Roe Racing continues to provide OEM and Roe original parts. Over the last 27 years, Roe Racing U.S.A. has built an outstanding reputation for quality, innovative products, with the primary goal of supporting their expanding customer base.


Roe Racing, a manufacturer of speed upgrades and supercharger systems, brought their aging brand identity and failing E-commerce site to the Zen Agency garage to get tricked out.

Outdated Brand
Roe Racing, a manufacturer of speed upgrades and supercharger systems, needed to update their aging brand identity to attract and engage new customers. 
Stalled Website Design

With an outdated website begging for an upgrade, Roe Racing need a clean, modern and stylish alternative to compliment the product offerings and connect with their automotive-loving customers.
Poor Performing E-commerce
Poor user experience leads to poor sales, and Roe Racing needed a platform that could be customized to meet their needs.

Branding and Web Development

Supercharged Branding
Zen Agency created a new brand identity, including the “RR” viper-like icon to more clearly communicate Roe Racing’s product offerings to their target demographic.

Web Design and Development
We utilized this brand identity to develop a new website that is highly organized and end-user focused, on the most popular E-commerce platform, WooCommerce.

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  • Web Design and Development

  • E-commerce


A brand designed for speed.


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logo design
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What Our Client Had Say

"After working with the incredible team @ Zen Agency, I couldn’t be more impressed or pleased with the outstanding job and measurable results it’s had for our business!  They did their homework in the Motorsports World and custom tailored a storefront like no other! Sean, Sam, Elias, Joseph and team are truly the “Best of the Best” to work with and I cannot recommend them highly enough!"

Scott Murray

Roe Racing USA

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