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How to Increase Email Sales Through Lead Nurturing

Look at your inbox right now. Are the marketing emails in your inbox sales-only? How often do you receive marketing emails that are not trying to sell you something? You probably don’t even remember the last time a marketing email arrived at your inbox without trying to sell you something. This is because marketers are…


4 Simple Ways That Marketing Automation Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Arguably, the most exciting aspect of owning a business in the era we live in is the sheer amount of technology that we have at our fingertips. Technology elevates the potential of what you can do with your marketing because it expands your capabilities and opportunities. And while technology will not act as some magic…


The Best Types of Posts That Will Build Your Brand on Instagram

There are now over 300 million people who use Instagram. That’s a staggering number. A few years ago it was a new Iphone-only app, now it’s a social media behemoth. There are many reasons why people are addicted to Instagram, but let’s talk about the primary reason: It’s a visual medium. People love pictures and…


How to Use Twitter as a Powerful Lead Generation Tool

People underestimate Twitter. Businesses see it as a customer service or a branding tool, which is an accurate application of it, but it’s limiting. Twitter is a versatile platform, and is one of the best tools can use for lead generation– the majority of businesses don’t really know it yet. Let’s look at some ways…