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The 5 Step Cheat-Sheet for Using Youtube for Your Local Business

If I were to ask you, “what’s the #1 search engine?”, you would automatically say, “Google”, and you’d be right. But what if I were to ask you to state the #2 search engine? Some would say Bing or Yahoo, but the truth is that Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world.…


How to Migrate a Site to a New Domain Without Losing Your SEO Rankings

Changing the domain name of your website can have huge repercussions for your SEO. This is because your domain is linked to several metrics: Trust Domain authority Domain age Pagerank Backlinks This will all get erased if you improperly move your domain. The good thing is that this doesn’t have to be the case. In…


How to Use Local SEO to Rank for Multiple Locations

Local SEO, all thing considered, is a relatively simple form of online marketing. Local SEO is critical because… Consumers tend to include the geographical locations in their search queries The location of your business is factored into Google’s algorithm Local businesses are perceived to be better than large corporations Less competition than national SEO We’ve…