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Why Linking Building Will Still Matter in 2016

Google’s 2012 Penguin update permanently changed the game. Some of the things that worked before abruptly stopped working. SEO’s panicked. Website rankings plummeted. Chaos ensued. Lost in all of the chaos and the noise were the facts. People became very misinformed on what works and what doesn’t. Bad SEO practices sort of became the norm.…


The 7 Deadly Sins: Sneaky Broken Links and Images

The other posts in our Deadly Sins series dealt with errors in judgment or principle. Overstuffing your web page with keywords probably seems like a good idea if you aren’t acquainted with Google’s policies. The Deadly Sin that we’re going to talk about today, on the other hand, is far from an intentional mistake. It’s…


3 Steps to Ensure Long-Term SEO Success

Depending on your strategy, search engine optimization can be the cause for either frustration or celebration. It’s tricky, as there are so many traps that you can fall into, and it’s easy to get swayed by the near-endless amount of tactics and tips that float around the internet. But it’s like trying to drive cross-country…


The 3 Keys to Building Trust in Your Local Market

When people think of marketing, they think of the some of the most basic things. Things like the website, the traffic, social profiles, advertisements, videos, and emails. Those are all obvious, and it is absolutely recommended that you nail down all of those aspects for your marketing campaign. But at the heart of almost any…


How to Build a Long-Lasting Local Link Building Strategy

It is no secret that the best way to dominate your competitors is through local SEO. Often enough, the most relevant, targeted customers can be gained through a local search campaign. It is also no secret that backlinks are still a powerful ranking factor, even in 2014. But some backlinks are better than others. Getting…