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The 5 Best Analytics Programs for Online Businesses

In any business, the measurement of performance is vital to its success. If brick-and-mortar businesses religiously track their inventory, monthly sales performance, past and upcoming orders, and business expenses, why can’t an online business (where it’s so easy to track performance) do the same? The truth is that there’s no excuse for failing to track…


Why You Shouldn’t Obsess Over Vanity Metrics

What’s the most common, and probably most important, attribute in digital marketing? What’s the one ubiquitous element that can make or break your success? It is data. If your company is deep into a digital marketing campaign, then you know that data is everywhere, at every turn, and you would know that the way you…


How to Implement a Better Marketing Plan in 2015

We are nearly 2 months into the new year, and now it’s time for action. Every business is looking to dramatically improve their marketing ventures. Businesses have begun to plan and allocate their budgets, and are starting to put these plans into effect. In 2015, there are certain digital marketing channels that you should definitely…