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4 Business Lessons from Game of Thrones

As the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones kicks off, fans across the world are clamoring for answers. Although the existence of dragons, wights, and direwolves add to the fantasy of the world, there’s real life lessons Game of Thrones can teach you about doing business. Here are 4 Business Lessons from Game of…


The 3 Steps That Will Drastically Improve Your Store’s Post-Purchase Experience

Someone just bought your product. You now have a new buyer, which is great, but the question of what to do next pops up. Here’s one thing to know: E-commerce stores that are successful have a great deal of repeat buyers. There are many reasons why someone would return to your store to buy another…


The 3 Keys to Building Trust in Your Local Market

When people think of marketing, they think of the some of the most basic things. Things like the website, the traffic, social profiles, advertisements, videos, and emails. Those are all obvious, and it is absolutely recommended that you nail down all of those aspects for your marketing campaign. But at the heart of almost any…

Are you making a list and checking it twice?

Are you making a list and checking it twice?

Sounds a little too much like a Christmas carol … but it’s a good tip. After launching your website, an area may change or a new area may be added to your business. Regardless if you are updating the site on your own or having Zen Agency make these updates, here are a few tips…

Faith and Trust You Hired Us

Faith & Trust, You Hired Us

Working in the service industry I have heard the motto “the customer is always right.” The motto does not take into account what the industry standards are and what is best practice. As an account manager, it’s my job to educate the client along the way while reviewing all work done by the Zen Agency…


3 Steps to Maintaining Client Relationships 

The lines of communication between a client and their design firm are now more important than ever. With all the steps that need to be taken in order to digitize a business, communication can often get lost. Day in and day out, design firms are creating dynamic websites, brands, marketing campaigns, providing IT support, and…