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How to Encourage Customer Loyalty and Grow Sales by Creating a Membership Program in WooCommerce

If you own an online store, I’m going to assume that your #1 goal is to get more sales. At the end of the day, the metric that you care about the most if your revenue. No sales = no revenue. So you’re constantly thinking of ways to exponentially increase your sales. The good thing…


How to Use Website Push Notifications to Skyrocket Your Ecommerce Sales

There are always new methods to grow sales and revenues, and some are more effective than others. Website push notifications are fairly new, and have been making waves in the world of ecommerce. For years now, large retailers have implemented mobile push notifications from apps with varying levels of success. Mobile push alerts will appear…


5 Rules for Surviving Negative Reviews

There is nothing that is more dreadful than a negative review when you own an ecommerce store. This is because we are not naturally built to accept criticism, and we will do anything to avoid negative feedback. Here’s the thing: if your store is online long enough, you will experience at least one negative review…