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Zen Agency | A Digital Agency

Zen Agency is Now a Sharpspring Silver Partner!

Zen Agency has earned the Sharpspring Silver Partner Certification from Sharpspring, a leading marketing automation platform. Why Does Marketing Automation Matter? The marketing automation tools provided by Zen Agency as a Sharpspring Silver Partner allows you to deliver the right message to the right leads. Track your content, who is seeing it, and craft an…

product description writing

Are You Making These Product Description Mistakes?

When you sell anything online, there’s always one general metric (regardless of the situation) that will always mean something: sales. Your online store will either live or die by how many sales you make. There are many elements that will directly influence the amount of sales that you bring in. When someone clicks on a…


5 Tips That Will Turbo-Charge the Speed of Your Website

There are few things more frustrating than opening up a webpage and it taking forever to load. It’s true—patience is a virtue—but when you have a multitude of other things to do, waiting for a webpage to load doesn’t seem too appealing. 47% of online consumers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or…