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YouTube Video SEO – How to Rank Well In Google

YouTube is severely under-utilized by small businesses. When people think of local SEO, they think of the traditional methods like backlinks, page rank, onsite optimization, etc. (all of which are very important). But somewhere along the way, YouTube video SEO gets ignored. Don’t make that mistake. If you’ve never thought about using YouTube video SEO…


The 5 Step Cheat-Sheet for Using Youtube for Your Local Business

If I were to ask you, “what’s the #1 search engine?”, you would automatically say, “Google”, and you’d be right. But what if I were to ask you to state the #2 search engine? Some would say Bing or Yahoo, but the truth is that Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world.…


How to Use Unconventional Marketing Methods to Grow Your Online Brand

The popularity of e-commerce continues to rise. In the US alone, it is expected that e-commerce sales will reach nearly 2 trillion dollars in 2016. Online has become the first option to many consumers, but if you want to take advantage of this, you need great marketing. We know that social networking strategies, email marketing,…