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4 Overlooked Plugins from WPMUDEV That Will Improve Your Site

WordPress is a huge platform with a vast, and often under-explored, marketplace. There are probably droves of plugins that you are not aware of, simply due to the fact that you cannot know of every single plugin that hits the market. The sheer amount of plugins that are at your disposal make WordPress the most…


3 Reasons Why WooTheme’s Sensei Is the Easiest to Use LMS on the Market

Online learning is the future. That’s clearly evident, as more and more establishments are hauling their schools, courses and lessons to the net. These establishments (whether it’s a large school or university, or a sole, independent teacher) are looking for simple way to create and display their lessons online. The answer that they’re looking for…


The Best Free WooCommerce Plugins

In another post, we listed some great paid extensions for WooCommerce … but what are the best free WooCommerce plugins? Depending on what you want to accomplish with your e-commerce store, those extensions are necessary for selling your products. However, you don’t need to solely rely on paid extensions. There are plenty of free extensions for WooCommerce…


How to automatically apply a WooCommerce URL Coupon when using W3 Total Cache

The WooCommerce URL Coupons is a great extension that allows you to set up a unique URL (ex. and automatically apply product or cart discounts without the need for your customers to enter an actual coupon code. Using the page redirect option, you are able to redirect customers to a page after visiting the unique URL.…


Why Custom Sidebars Pro Is One of the Most Essential WordPress Plugins You’ll Ever Use

WordPress’ widget function has always been limiting. The average WordPress site will have identical sidebars, with the same widgets, on every single page of the site. There is no flexibility, no customization, no control. Most of the widget customization plugins on the market are basic and are not feature-rich. WordPress users have been forced to…


The 2 WordPress Plugins That Will Explode the Size of Your Email List

A business neglecting its email list is like a gardener refusing to water his plants. Your email list is a seed that needs constant nurturing and maintenance so that it reaches its full potential. The size of your email list should see a constant trend of growth—from the beginning, when you first started collecting the…