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Two friends navigating a well-designed e-commerce site

Don’t Make Me Think: E-Commerce UX Tips to Make Your Customers WANT to Buy

User experience (UX) is critical to the success of any e-commerce business. According to a report by Adobe, 38% of e-commerce customers will leave a site if the design is unattractive. Meanwhile, 73% insist on finding content that displays well on their devices. Customers increasingly demand elegant content over simple and plain websites. With so…


3 Surefire Ways to Sink Your Ecommerce Store

Building an online business can be tricky. This is especially the case if you’ve never had an online business before. Fatal mistakes are too easy to make, and it’s something that you cannot reasonably afford when starting out. But, if you know the mistakes that are commonly made, you can dodge the pitfalls that have…