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The 2 WordPress Plugins That Will Explode the Size of Your Email List

A business neglecting its email list is like a gardener refusing to water his plants. Your email list is a seed that needs constant nurturing and maintenance so that it reaches its full potential. The size of your email list should see a constant trend of growth—from the beginning, when you first started collecting the emails of your website visitors, to wherever you are right now.

Businesses don’t put nearly enough emphasis on collecting email addresses. They’re afraid that their web visitors won’t appreciate consistent requests to join the list. They’re engaging in “tip-toe marketing”—their marketing messages are quiet and forgettable, and their prospects will overlook whatever is being offered. They are content with slapping a form on their sidebar, hoping that visitors will see it and fill it out.

But that’s not acceptable if you take digital marketing seriously. Marketers know that you can’t get what you want without properly asking for it. True, the money is in the list, but you can’t expect any results if you don’t pursue email addresses.

Luckily, there are tools out there that help businesses grow and take advantage of their lists. Some are better than others.

We’re going to talk about two of the best WordPress tools. We’re going to discuss their differences, their functions, and how each of them serves their own purpose.

Both of these tools are WordPress plugins from WPMU Dev.

Slide In Review

The tagline for Slide In is, “Create Beautiful Marketing Messages.” It’s an accurate description. Slide In has a similar function as a pop-up ad, only not as aggressive and in-your-face. It’s a nonintrusive plugin that will glide onto the web visitor’s screen.

There are many cases where businesses will not want to use pop-up ads because they’re too obvious. Often, they believe that their target market won’t respond to it, or they believe that pop-up ads go against the culture of their site. Whatever the reasons, Slide In is the answer. Even if they don’t like pop-up ads, they will still need to deliver marketing messages and requests to their web visitors. This plugin enables them to do that in a truly smooth way. Note: You’ll need Mailchimp if you decide to collect emails with the plugin.

Slide In is great because it goes beyond collecting emails. It has many functions, which makes it incredibly versatile. Want it to act like a “related posts” widget? It can do that. Want it to request the web visitor to share your page across multiple social media networks? It can do that. Want it to display a totally customized message at a time or point? It can definitely do that, too. The functionality and user experience of the plugin is practical to its core.

You can modify the style of the slide with custom CSS. Creating or editing a slide is a painless process. If you know how to create a new post in WordPress, then you can easily create a new slide, as it uses an identical interface.

Slide In is the combination of aesthetics and practicality; it’s aggressive, while being subdued and nonintrusive.

PopUp Pro Review

PopUp Pro is an intuitive and robust marketing plugin that displays pop-ups with timely precision. The pop-up is a known and tested method of grabbing the attention of website visitors and extracting their email addresses.

PopUp Pro is a sophisticated advertising tool that can be customized to your specific needs. You can set it up so that it displays your message based on the time spent on the page, the location on the page, if the mouse hovers or clicks on a certain area. It comes with a selection of various attractive popup templates. You can incorporate images and customize the call-to-action buttons. You can pinpoint the exact type of users that will see your pop-up—you can make the pop-up exclusive to only visitors from the search engine, for example.

This amount of flexibility will help you test out and verify what works, so that you can optimize your email marketing campaign to its full capacity.

Slide In and PopUp Pro are two excellent options if you want to increase the size and engagement of your email list.



Joseph Riviello

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