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How to Encourage Customer Loyalty and Grow Sales by Creating a Membership Program in WooCommerce

If you own an online store, I’m going to assume that your #1 goal is to get more sales. At the end of the day, the metric that you care about the most if your revenue. No sales = no revenue. So you’re constantly thinking of ways to exponentially increase your sales. The good thing is that there are many ways to do that. Today, we’re going to talk mainly about one way to grow sales: encouraging loyalty through a customer loyalty program.

How Can Creating a Membership Program Help You Grow?

Your best source of sales is from your existing customer base. To encourage customer loyalty and repeat sales, you need to give enticing incentives. A great way to do that is to construct an appealing customer loyalty program they can join.

Here’s what a membership program can do:

  • Offer members a chance to get the best discounts, bonuses, and exclusive services and products.
  • Your customers will give your store preference over the competition, as you’ll give them a persuasive reason to do so.
  • Your customers will be more willing to return to make repeat purchases. The perks of being a member will invite them to do so.
  • Expand your customer base. Members will be happy to recommend your business to their circle of friends. This will especially be the case if you offer referral rewards for members to bring new customers to your site.

How to Create a Membership Program With WooCommerce

Your best option will be to use the WooCommerce Membership Plugin. Here’s why:

  • The plugin will allow you to restrict certain content, products, and discount to members-only.
  • You can create tiers of paid or unpaid memberships to customers.
  • Customers can sign up, purchase and extend their memberships.

Whether you want to offer paid or unpaid customer loyalty program is at your discretion. I recommend that you restrict certain perks to your members. You can limit product viewing to certain members, which means that those products will be hidden from non-members. Alternatively, you can set up certain products to be viewed by non-members, but they won’t be able to make a purchase.

You can also assign product discounts for members. In the Member’s Area, members will be able to see any perks associated with being a member.


The WooCommerce membership plugin is a great way to create a customer loyalty program and capture repeat sales. Use memberships as a powerful tool to grow your eCommerce business using the tips that were given in this post.

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