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How to Tell if Your Web Design Needs a Facelift

Believe it or not, your website’s design does have a noticeable impact on the impression you make on others. We’ve likened your web design to a physical storefront design in the past. How about something more personal? When you go to work, you do your best to make yourself presentable to others, don’t you? You…


SEO for Small Businesses 101: A Checklist

SEO has always played a major role in the digital marketing strategies of small businesses. Knowing the importance of getting online can be for a company’s bottom dollar, small business SEO is necessary to get ahead of the competition while increasing a business’s visibility with clients. With the help of SEO, increased traffic is delivered…


SEO: How Does the Google Algorithm Work?

Believe it or not, there is a method to the madness of calculating search engine rankings.  Unfortunately, no one knows it specifically because Google keeps its algorithms top secret – so secret that most of its employees don’t even know how it works. Actually, the algorithm is so complex that no human mind could memorize…

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5 Strategies for Effective Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization, SEO, search engine marketing, search marketing – all these terms mean very similar things.  However, what you may or may not know is how it works. To be truthful, most SEO companies will tell you increasing your rankings in the search engines is not all that difficult – and this is true.  But,…