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4 Tactics Marketing Automation Companies Use to Improve ROI

The most exciting part of doing business in this day in age is how much technology is available. This elevates the potential of what you can do with your marketing since it opens up a world of opportunities. While technology won’t be the magic button that will fix all of your problems, it helps accelerate your marketing processes making things easier for you and your staff. Let’s take a look at some tactics marketing automation companies use to improve their ROI.

Marketing Automation Companies’ Secrets to Success:

Marketing Automation Companies’ Content Marketing Tips

Running your business, managing your website, and handling the marketing all at once takes up lots of time. Other marketing automation companies use separate management platforms to manage their social media, blog posting, and email sends. We’ve found a platform called Sharpspring which incorporates all of these options on one site.

Sharpspring lets you schedule your posts on an easy to use content calendar. It features compatibility with all major social media platforms, emails, and blogs. Create your content and schedule it all in one fell swoop. This saves you time so you can focus on what matters; running your business.

Lead Management

Your business absolutely runs on leads. That’s why it’s necessary to consistently track and nurture those leads with automated software. With proper lead management, you can determine how well your sales tactics are performing so you can refine them to convert more leads into customers. CRM (customer relationship management) software can be the best-automated tool that can help you accomplish automation company

Through criteria such as how many times a lead visits your website and what piece of content they’ve engaged in, marketing automation companies can tailor a specific marketing strategy to a lead. Sharspring, for example, has Lead Scoring which assigns a numeric value to a lead on their likeliness of purchasing. This data is useful as you craft your automation strategy.

Crafting Your Sales Funnel

As you create your content and keep track of your leads, you can always follow up personally with them. Even though this is a good way to build rapport with clients, constant bombarding can get annoying. In order to continue to craft your message, marketing automation companies have found a way to do this in an easy to do automated manner.

Sharpspring allows you to post and track how leads engage with the content. This also allows you to use the Lead Scoring capabilities to funnel your leads to the ultimate goal of making a sale. Through the Visual Workflows feature, you can essentially make a “Choose Your Own Adventure” for your leads to go down.


Above, we made a form called Florida Tech Startup. If the lead doesn’t fill out the form, you can trigger Sharpspring to send an email describing your companies’ benefits to a Florida Tech Startup. Though they didn’t fill out your form, creating this content could have them come around to your offer. And when they do fill out the form, you can send them an email inviting them to a seminar you are having for your higher priority leads.


This is a very simple example of what marketing automation companies can do for your business. As we can see, technology is only going to get more advanced. This will allow more companies to take advantage of the growing options available with marketing automation. As a Sharpspring Silver Partner, Zen Agency is well versed to handle all of your marketing automation needs. And please feel free to contact Zen Agency for questions on our marketing strategy services.

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