5 Easy Ideas That Can Electrify Your Content Marketing


Ideas can get stale. Do something enough times and it’ll become dry and monotonous. If you’ve ever dabbled in content marketing, you know what that’s like. “What am I going to write about?” “What topic is going to excite my readers?”

These dilemmas will stagnate creativity. It happens, and if it hasn’t, it will. Your content marketing strategy will need new batteries from time to time, and this post will provide them to you. We’ve collected a set a different ways to electrify your marketing, so that you can keep your content fresh.

These tips can apply to blog posts, videos, newsletters, whatever.

  1. Figure out the story you need to tell

We’ve already touched on the special power of storytelling, and the ways that it can be used to hook and mesmerize your audience.

Some examples of stories that you can tell:

  • The history of your company—how your business got founded.
  • Stories about your various products and how they were created.
  • Stories about your customers and how they successfully used your product.
  • Stories about your employees.

Those are scenarios that you can draw from, but storytelling can be limitless—you can package any story into a content piece, as long as it’s relevant to your company and your audience.

  1. Showcase your team

Familiarity and trust are powerful ingredients in marketing, and profiling your team is a way to utilize this to great effect. You need showcase your team because it will give your customers an idea of who they are dealing with, and will make your company seem more open and friendly.

Starting by writing short bios of the important employees in the company. Use their picture. If possible, link to their social media profiles.

Even further, you can interview them about various things about them. For example: Ask them what things they like to do, their interests, where they’re from, their role in the company, what they like best about working for the business, etc.

  1. Answer the common questions

What are the most common questions that your customers have about your industry? If you know the answer to these questions, answer them in your content pieces. If you’re in the automotive industry, find some common problem points and dilemmas that customers seem to always have, and answer them. An example:

  1. Why won’t my car start?
  2. Should I repair my old car or buy a new one?
  3. What noise is my car making?

You would essentially cover as many angles and aspects of the automotive industry as possible.

One thing you can do is browse sites like Quora or Yahoo Answers for the most common questions that people have about your industry. All you have to do is provide the answer.

This is good because many of your prospects will have these questions. Also, these questions can be common search terms, so you can start ranking by answering them.

  1. Preview upcoming products

What is one of the most potent ways to generate excitement about your products and services? Give sneak previews to your audience. Get them involved and engaged in your product creation, so that they feel like they’re “in the know”.

If possible, showcase sketches, blueprints and prototypes. Ask them for their thoughts. Many times, they’ll tell you exactly what they want to see in your products. They’ll give their recommendations. This is key because it gets them invested into what you’re offering and creates an attachment to your product line. This type of content keeps them engaged.

  1. Show the product creation process

This ties in with the last point about previewing your product to your audience. You should also showcase how your products get made, and how you carry out your services. Show how your product gets conceptualized. Detail the planning of how the product is going to look and work. Show the manufacturing process.

One good way to show the product creation process is through videos, because that gives people a real look into how the product is created and delivered. If actual work is required to create your product or deliver your service, then showcasing it will position you as a quality company that puts real thought, care into their products.

What every content piece needs to do

Make authentic connections. Before any content goes out, ask if it connect with your audience in an engaging and stimulating way. Successful content taps into what the audience wants to read and feel. Use the advice in this blog post to electrify your content marketing campaign.


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Joseph Riviello

Joseph L. Riviello is the CEO and Founder of Zen Agency. Joe's agency builds websites and web applications that attract, engage, and convert. Joe has over 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship and he is an expert digital marketing strategist who specializes in conversion-centric e-commerce experiences and cutting-edge solutions that maximize growth and profit. Check out Joe featured on: Business.com, Redbooth.com, Kabbage.com, MaterialDesignBlog.com

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