How to Sell Digital Products with WooCommerce

When vendors think of selling with WooCommerce, they usually only think of selling physical products. But WooCommerce can do more than that. You can sell pdfs, audio files, video files, information courses, games and much more.

Selling digital products allows you to save money on stocking inventory, shipping fees, and manufacturing costs.

In many cases, it can be the best type of store you can run, and WooCommerce offers a pretty robust platform for this type of store.

In this post, we’ll list some tips that you can use to ensure that you create a successful digital store with the WooCommerce platform.

How to Configure the WooCommerce Plugin

The first thing that you need to do is install and activate the plugin. Once the plugin is activated, go to the WordPress Dashboard, and click on the WooCommerce plugin. Next, click on Settings. Then, click on Configure WooCommere Settings for Digital Products. From here, you can do several things:

  1. Set download limits. Because you’re selling digital products, you may need to determine how many times someone can download your product. Because the product is digital, it can be easily shared if there is no download limit. To set download limits, go to the General Settings tab, and from there you can establish download quantity limits.
  2. Disable shipping and inventory settings. Having shipping and stock management enabled will only make things more complicated on your end.

Once you’ve done all of that, you will want to add your products. You can choose your product categories by clicking on Product > Categories. After that, you should add the products. Go to Products> Add Products. You will be asked to fill out information on the product (like the title, description, etc.).

To make products downloadable, scroll to the area of the page where it says Product Data. Choose Simple Product and click on the Downloadable box.

How to Ensure Your Digital Products Sell

Rule 1: Write Compelling Copy

Customers need to be persuaded to buy your product, so your copywriting holds significant importance. Compelling copy will include:

  1. The features. Customers need to know what the product is, and what it can do for them.
  2. The benefits. Explain, in vivid detail, why customers need to buy your product. Paint the picture on what’s in it for them.
  3. How the product will be downloaded. If it’s an instant download, if it will be sent via email,etc.

Rule 2: Add Powerful Imagery

When selling physical products online, customers will get a better idea of what they are buying because vendors will have pictures of the actual product. You don’t have that luxury when you sell digital products. You will need to use imagery that can be connected to the product that you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling an ebook on how to lose weight, the images on your product page could be of happy people who are physically fit. Your imagery should display the benefit of buying your product. Displaying images of happy, physically fit people will strongly imply that this will be the result for people who purchase the product.

Rule3: Add Product Samples

Again, people will have no idea of what your product is going to be like. To deal with this issue, you can offer product samples on your product page. If you’re selling an ebook, you can offer samples of the first few pages; if you’re selling audio files, you can offer audio snippets. This will help people get a much better idea of what your product is like.


Using WooCommerce to sell your digital products is a wise choice. The versatility of WooCommerce gives you fantastic options that simply wouldn’t be available on other platforms. You can sell both physical and digital products in your store. You can even sell physical and digital versions of the same product– all that you need to do is set up a download variation of the product (you can do this when you add the product to the store).

By following the tips from this blog post, you can create a stellar ecommerce experience today.

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