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The 5 Profit-Generating Benefits of Pay-per-Click (PPC)

It’s safe to say that you’ve heard about pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. You’ve probably heard it’s a bit risky, and it’s easy to lose money with it.

That’s true; it can be a bit risky– if you don’t know what you’re doing. It goes without saying that with any marketing method that you use, you should have a very good handle on it (or at least the marketing team that you employ should know what they’re doing). There is risk with almost any method that you use; you are most likely risking your money and time. PPC is really no different.

If you haven’t considered the possibility of using PPC in your business, you should. We’re going to go over some the best reasons why.

  1. Fast Traffic

PPC marketing works because it can generate instant traffic to your website. Other lead generation tactics can work, yes, but they generally don’t work as quickly as PPC. If you do things properly, you will get fast results. SEO and other marketing methods, though powerful, will not work nearly as fast. With SEO, you won’t start seeing sizeable results in the first week. With PPC, you will see those kind of results.

You can target your audience with velocity. This makes it very easy to see what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Laser Targeting

You can reach your audience with pure accuracy. If you are marketing to a specific niche market, then PPC allows you to reach them. Depending on the PPC platform that you use, you can target audience based on gender, location, age, workplace, language, field of study, interests, device, keywords among other things. You can craft personalized ads, which are extremely effective at enticing and converting cold prospects. Not all traffic is created equal; targeted traffic is the best kind. You can easily reach the right audience with PPC.

  1. Builds brand awareness

When someone is constantly seeing your ads, they will become more familiar with your business. This is a very good thing, as your business will seem more credible in the eyes of your prospects. If your message is plastered on a massive search engine like Google or a major social network like Facebook, you will seem like a very big deal. PPC automatically builds brand awareness, which will elevate your status to being a market leader. A little bit of fame doesn’t hurt.

  1. Easy to measure results

Data is invaluable, and PPC makes it extremely easy to measure it. You can track how much you’ve spent, the amount of clicks you’ve generated, the demographics for the people who’ve clicked on your ad, and the profit your ads have generated. Your data is the best informer of what is and isn’t working. Without data, you’ll spend time and resources without having a good understanding of how your ads are performing. If you don’t know your performance, you cannot reasonably move forward. PPC platforms like Google Adwords make it easy to understand your data, with extensive reporting functionalities.

  1. You can determine your budget

You decide how much money to spend for your ad campaign. PPC can accommodate any budget, from small to large. If you want to spend $5 per day, you can; if you want to spend $1,000, you can.

Some campaigns will have a much higher CPC than others. You have to determine how much you’re going to spend on that CPC. Think of it like a car– some cars are energy efficient, while some are gas guzzlers. Your mileage may vary, and that’s something that you need to understand when you begin a new campaign. One of the best things about PPC is that you can tweak your campaign so that you can acquire the best bang for your buck.

Where to go from here

Should you consider PPC for your business? Yes, we think so. The most important thing is to not start and manage your campaign recklessly. When you do things the right way, PPC has many rewarding benefits.

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