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3 Email Marketing Agency Tips to Boost Open Rates

Email marketing is as essential as ever. But that doesn’t mean that everybody is using it to its full potential. Businesses tend to think that email marketing is simply about blasting their lists with offers and promotions. Email marketing is really about sparking engagement and nurturing relationships—which will exponentially grow your sales. As an email marketing agency, we are going to give you some tips and techniques you can use to boost email open rates.

Email Marketing Agency Tips to Boost Open Rates

The “From” Name and Email

This is something that is vastly overlooked by most email marketing agency experts out there, but it’s a small detail that can influence how your brand is perceived.

In the inbox, the “From” name is next to the subject line. Once an email is open, the “From” name sits next to the email address. When you’re sending marketing emails, the “From” name should be the name of your brand. Some businesses will use an actual person’s name in the “From” field, which can often confuse your subscribers. Brands that are built around a specific person should, on the other hand, use that person’s name in the “From” field. In short, your “From” name should be whatever is the most recognizable to your subscribers.

The “From” email is also important, albeit for different reasons. One of the mistakes that are commonly made by businesses is that they send emails from a “no reply” email address. The no reply email address will look like [email protected]

This standoffish approach is a poor mistake, as it forces people to manually search for your contact information via your website or some other online property. This is an unnecessary obstacle that businesses are placing in front of their customers. Don’t make your subscribers jump through hoops to get in touch with you. An important step in order to boost email open rates.

The Subject Line

You only have but so much time to capture the attention of your subscribers. For this reason, your subject line is incredibly important. Here are some tips that you can employ today:

Make sure the subject line is relatively short. Keep it under 50 characters. There is only so much space to display a headline in the inbox, so you want to make sure that subscribers can see and understand most, if not all, of the headline.

Don’t always rely on the mystery. Vague subject lines can work, but if they’re used too often, it can tune subscribers out to your emails. Most importantly, don’t mislead your subscribers with vague subject lines (promising or referring to something in the subject that is mostly irrelevant to the content of the email).

Use a variety of subject lines. Don’t recycle the same emails repeatedly, even if the content inside the email is different. Your subscribers will simply think it’s the same email. This tactic is pivotal if you want to boost email open rates.

The Pre-Header

The Preheader text is what appears next to your subject line. Think of it as a continuation of your subject line. Your pre-header text can do any number of things

  • Give more information on your subject line.
  • Offer a sneak-peak into the email, which can be done by using the email’s opening sentence as the pre-header.
  • Show a sneak-peak into the offer. If you’re selling something within the email, you can put the price or the discount into the pre-header space.

The pre-header is often overlooked by email marketers, but there’s no reason it should be. It’s valuable space that can persuade someone to open an email.


These elements, if used properly, will boost your email open rates. These tips are so simple and can be used today by any online business.

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