Why Dedicated Landing Pages Can Drive More Leads to Your Local Business

Marketing works best when visitors feel like a product, service or company is able to help them. When you’re browsing for a product or service, you want to land on a relevant webpage with clear information.

If you’re looking for a landscaper in Baltimore, you will want to click on a webpage that quickly demonstrates that they have what you’re looking for.

If you’re a business owner, you want visitors to land on a page that will convince them to sign up or purchase. One of the best ways that you can demonstrate relevance and your value to a potential customer is to have dedicated landing pages.

Now, if you have never used a landing page before, you’re probably wondering if there’s even a point to having dedicated landing pages if you already have a homepage.

The truth is that, in some situations, dedicated landing pages perform better than regular pages.

For example, if a landscaper in Baltimore is running a PPC campaign where he is promoting a specific offer to reel in new leads, he should have a dedicated landing page for 2 reasons:

  1. To provide information on the promoted offer. If he is offering 25% off for new clients, then the landing page should directly refer to that offer.
  2. To capture the prospect’s information, like the name, address, and phone number.

But even if you’re not running a PPC campaign, and you’re just running SEO, you will want to create dedicated landing pages that include your local keywords.

For example, a landscaper may have a physical location in Baltimore, but he may also serve other areas nearby, like Washington D.C. In this situation, the wise thing would be to create dedicated landing pages for each local area that’s served. That way, customers who are searching for a landscaper in D.C will clearly know that you are a viable option since you have a landing page that’s dedicated to that location. This can improve your local SEO, which can yield more traffic, and it can significantly improve your CRO (conversion rate optimization).

How to Create Killer Dedicated Landing Pages

Create a heading that includes the local search keyword (or any other keyword you’re targeting). The heading should clearly state your offer. This ensures that both search engines and users understand the relevance of the landing page to the targeted keyword.

If you want to target multiple keywords in one page, create a subheading with the other keywords.

Have content that’s relevant to the offer at hand or the keyword you’re trying to target. Customers need to immediately know that they’ve reached the best page to help them with whatever problem that they’re facing. Ultimately, the goal of dedicated landing pages is to compel the visitor into becoming a lead, and eventually, a customer. The content should push the customer in that direction.

Use strong images and videos. Both of these can improve your CRO.

Have a form where visitors can enter their information. Most likely, you will only need the name, address, and phone number. In other cases, you may also want the customer to request a quote. Ultimately, you need to determine your end goal if you’re to get the most out of your landing page.

If you have a physical location, include a visual map snippet. This will give visitors a general idea of where you are, and it will reinforce the fact that you’re a local business.

Include testimonials to establish credibility and form trust. This also helps to fill out the page with more relevant content.

The visitor should easily be able to navigate to your homepage, as visitors may need more information on your business. You should have a clickable logo that navigates to your homepage.


A dedicated landing page is something that you may have overlooked because you thought that your main web pages were enough. But after reading this post and understanding the need for focused, individual strategies, you can change your strategy so that you can attract and convert more visitors into leads who are interested in what you have to offer.

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