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The 3 Tenets of Lead Generation: How You Can Produce Sales On-Demand

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Without a steady stream of sales, you don’t have revenue. And without revenue, you don’t have a thriving business.

In today’s post, we’re going to look at the three tenets of lead generation, and how you can use them to exponentially grow your business.

Tenet 1: You Must Have an Offer

What are you offering on the front end? When a fisherman goes to sea, he doesn’t sail without his bait.

Likewise, when you launch a lead generation campaign, you cannot market without an offer.

Let’s use an example to get a better idea of the concept:

You want to add subscribers to your email list. You’ve generated traffic to your website. To get that traffic to become subscribers to your email list, you need to incentivize them to do so. When that traffic hits your website, you have an offer for a free white paper to entice people to sign up for your email list.

The free white paper is the offer. This is the “bait” to compel your site visitors to bite. This is the front-end offer.

The front-end offer starts the relationship between you and the site visitor.

Many businesses attempt to skip the introduction stage, but this is a mistake. To maximize the value of your lead, you must treat the relationship with your audience with care.

By starting the relationship on the right foot, you extend the value of the lead.

Tenet 2: You Must Have Traffic

What’s the point in having an offer if you don’t have traffic to see it. The effectiveness of your lead generating strategy hinges on the quality and quantity of your traffic.

But before we start driving traffic, we need to determine what the source will be. Where do your ideal customers hang out? Are they searching for companies like yours on Google? If they are, you should be either running Google PPC ads or focus on search engine optimization (or both). Perhaps they’re on Facebook, and in that case, you should be running Facebook ads. Perhaps they’re on industry forums and websites, which means you should be running banner ads on those websites.

You want targeted traffic who will be interested in your offer. If they’re aren’t interested in what you offer, they won’t enter the relationship and eventually become buyers.

You want a certain volume of that targeted traffic. When you run paid advertising, and you want to increase your volume of traffic, you simply need to scale your ads.

Tenet 3: You Must Have a Conversion Strategy

So, you’ve generated traffic, you’ve directed them to your offer, and they’ve essentially become a lead. Now what?

For your lead generation to be effective, you need to convert your leads into paying customers. You need a funnel that guides the lead from one stage to the next.

You need a sales system in place

With the help of both a strong marketing strategy and automation software, you can implement a sales system that can help turn your leads into revenue.

The best way to implement this is with a sales funnel. Here’s an example:

  1. The introductory, front-end offer is the first stage of the funnel. From there, they hop on your email list.
  2. Once they’re on your email list, you send them content that gets them acquainted with your brand.
  3. Eventually, you send them sales promotions to compel them to buy.
  4. Once they become buyers of your products or service, you continue to send them additional company news, tips, and promotions.

This is a basic funnel, but it can still be effective for your business.


Without a dependable stream of leads, your business stagnates. The tenets from this blog post give you an actionable process for generating valuable leads.

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